Mason Jars: Your New Party Supply BFF

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Mason jars are cute, cheap, and super versatile. You can use them to can or use them to party! With our surprising uses for Mason jars -- including DIY candleholders, hanging lights, party favors, and more -- you'll never throw a party without them.

Use as Centerpieces

One glimpse of this rock-star centerpiece and guests will come hovering with camera phones. All you need: a vintage muffin tin, garden-fresh flowers, votive candles, and some Mason jars. With our easy muffin tin trick, your Mason jar centerpiece is sure to score some (social media) love.

Use as Glasses

Sip in style by serving your signature party drink in Mason jars. Use metal die-cutting tools to cut pretty shapes from jar tops. Guests will be raving about the decorative DIY lids for days. 

Editor's Tip: Give each lid a different design or shape to help guests keep track of their drinks. A strip of washi tape marked with guests' names also does the trick. 

Make Silverware Holders

We're over silverware nestled in napkins. Instead, label and fill Mason jars with spoons and forks -- the little holders are great for cute casual munching or buffet-style parties. They make it easy for guests to grab and go as they please!

Make Hanging Lights

Outdoor get-together in the works? Get glowing! Vintage Mason jars complete with rustic handles could not be more perfect for hanging. Fill with sand and small votive candles, wrap with jute rope, and hang. Our top spots: deck rails and sturdy tree branches.

Fill for Party Favors

Mini Mason jars are more than just adorable -- they're totally ideal for filling with favors. We packed ours with candied citrus peel, but any party-theme goodies will do. Send them off with a colorful tag and pretty wrapped bow.

Make a Center for Games

Big or small, Mason jars can serve as a center for party games and activities. Here, we stash ours with glow sticks for a fun game of glow-in-the-dark tag. Adhere with a quick computer-printed label to let guests know what they'll be up to. 

Bonus: Whether you fill them with jelly beans or marbles, Mason jars are awesome for number-guessing games. The incentive? The winner gets to take home the Mason jar and all the goodies in it!

Use as a Beverage Container

You don't need a fancy dispenser to serve your go-to party punch. Large Mason jars have wide tops that make it easy for guests to ladle and pour. If it's an outdoor party, be sure to place a lightweight cloth over the top of the jar when not using to keep out any unwanted critters.

Make Dessert Holders

Shake up your sweet somethings by serving them in dressed-up Mason jars. We use them to show off layered treats like trifles and stacked cupcakes. Stamped cloth tied over the lid gives them a polished look.




We'll show you how to whip up this layered dessert with the classic flavors of strawberry and rhubarb. Perfect for sharing, it's served in a pretty, portable jar.

Perfect Jar Dessert: Berry + Rhubarb Parfait

Rhubarb and strawberries become instant BFFs in this adorable (and easy!) Mason jar dessert. Get our secrets for making ultra-lush cheesecake cream!


Pickle Cherries for Martinis

It's like maraschino cherries were made for parties. Pickle your own in a Mason jar a month before your bash -- this gives the sweet cherries enough time to infuse with the soft vanilla bean and sassy cinnamon flavors. Set the chilled cherry jar on your bar cart for guests to pop in their martinis. 


Make Candleholders

Party colorfully with homemade candleholders. A quick brush of transparent glass paint (inside and out!) takes these jars from plain to romantic. Place them around your party site to help set the mood.

Use as a Vase

Blooms make any party instantly prettier. Display the fresh party essentials in an assortment of water-filled Mason jars and vases. No need to splurge at the store -- one bouquet is plenty. Just use one or two stems per jar, then scatter them around the party zone for guests to enjoy all evening.

Shake Up a Dressing

Let's be honest -- salad dressing in a plastic bottle isn't exactly the most beautiful addition to a party table. Whether it's premade or homemade, fancy yours up by pouring it into Mason jars to set around the table, so guests can pass and pour in style.

Use as Garnish Holders

Ideal for self-serve drink bars and top-your-own-dessert tables, Mason jars make great stashing places for garnishes. Fill them with edible flowers, sliced fruit, candies, and more. 

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