30 Minutes to Cheers! Throw an Impromptu Party (Really)

Quick! You've got 30 minutes to host a party. It's easier than you think to make the whole affair look like Betty Draper spent days planning it. Fake it 'til you make it with our DIY party tips, quick party recipes, and easy drink ideas.

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    Start with the Bar Cart


    The key to last-minute party success is not to overthink it. Odds are you've got enough in your liquor cabinet for a DIY cocktail or two. So simply stock your bar cart and point guests toward it upon their arrival. Don't have a bar cart? A serving tray placed on hall table or kitchen island works just as well.


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    Don't Forget the Drink Bucket

    Industrial chic is hot right now, so a metal utility bucket goes a long way as a stylish cooler for your indoor party. Fill it three-quarters of the way with ice and whatever alcoholic and nonalcoholic bottled drinks you've got on hand. On-time guests can serve themselves, freeing your hands for finishing party touches.

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    Dandy Shandy

    The Brits got it right! Tell that friend who offered to bring something to grab stout and ginger beer and you can throw together this refreshing year-round favorite as guests start walking in.

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    Muffin Tin + Mason Jar = Win-Win

    Say hello to every fourth-quarter party planner's dream. Fill an old muffin tin with tea candles and stick a few garden flowers into Mason jars for a delightfully easy centerpiece idea that will be a party conversation piece.

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    Party Appetizer Math

    Got a crowd coming over? Take the guesswork out of portioning by checking our party appetizer quantity guide.


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    Clutch Party Food: Charcuterie

    The easiest way to whip together a party spread? Learn how to put together a charcuterie tray featuring an array of cold cooked meats and cheeses.

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    Garlicky White Bean Dip

    If you're one of those party hosts that simply must have a homemade item on the table, then our 15-minute basil-infused bean dip is the way to go.

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    Quick & Stylish Party Storage: Wine Box

    Repurpose an old wine box into a stellar party pack filled with wine, napkins, and utensils. Bring it with you to the back patio or leave it out for guests to help themselves. While this one's been gussied up, a bare wine box sticks with that effortless industrial-chic vibe.

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    Clutch Party Snack: Popcorn

    Garam masala is the secret to our addicting sugar and spiced popcorn snack that starts with microwavable kettle corn and is ready in just 15 minutes. Place in bowls around the room to encourage party mingling.

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    Easy Does It: Peanut Butter-Banana Trifles

    Take the DIY theme through to the end of your party by whipping up the yogurt, peanut butter, and honey base of our easy trifles ahead of time. Set out Mason jars and let guests dish up their own individual trifles. Now pat yourself on the back, you've successfully put together a party in 30 minutes flat!

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