How to Make a Hand-Tied Bouquet

Creating a stunning hand-tied bouquet is easier than ever thanks to this stem-by-stem guide from Fresh by Sybil Brooke Sylvester. A Southern floral artist, Sybil shares her secrets to perfect bouquets and flower arrangements you can create at home.

Preparing your flowers for this project takes longer than actually making the finished bouquet, but proper preparation, which includes stripping all flower stems, thorns, etc., is the key to success.

Get the look by using a mix of the following flowers: Antique Hydrangeas, Pee Gee Hydrangeas, White and Green stripe Parrot Tulips, Dusty Miller, Amnesia Rose, Nigella, Orlaya, Candy Bianca Rose, Oregano, Galax.

Step 1

Choose your strongest flower with a straight stem. It's your starter. Hold it gently, approximately two inches down the stem, below the head, between your thumb and forefinger. Think of this flower as the center spoke of a bicycle wheel.

Step 2

Add two additional flowers, diagonally, across the center stem (with heads to the left of the first blossom ... stems to the right). Just tuck stems in between your fingers to keep in place. Turn this entire grouping around so that the newly added flowers are to the right of the center flower.

Step 3

Continue adding flowers, blossoms to the left; stems crossing the center stem and extending to the right. Turn the bouquet clockwise and continue to add flowers or greenery with the same technique—head of flower to the left, stems crossing to the right.

Step 4

When complete, tie your bouquet off in a tight double knot using binding wire (paper coated wire product) or sticky floral tape.

Step 5

Re-cut all stems evenly and place the entire bouquet in water.

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