How to Host the Ultimate Book Club Party

Whether your book club meets weekly or monthly (or somewhere in between!), we have the best tips and tricks for when it's your turn to host.

You've gathered your closest friends and chosen your favorite books—and now it's your turn to host the next book club meeting. A book club is a great way to get friends together, and with our easy tips, hosting it doesn't have to be stressful.

Of course, the most important part is choosing the right book for your crew. Then, you'll need to name a time and place to meet. (Just be sure you give everyone enough time to finish the book!) When it's your turn to host, make our easy appetizer and drink recipes and prepare a few talking points for the group before your guests arrive.

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Whether you chat about the book over appetizers, drinks, or brunch, we're sharing our best hosting tips for making your book club a success.

How to Host a Book Club

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Set a Timeline

Before you can start the book club, you'll need to decide how often you want to meet. Some book clubs meet weekly and have multiple meetings per book. (Just make sure the reading schedule is realistic for everyone!) If you go that route, set a schedule for how many chapters each person should read before each gathering. Or, you can schedule a monthly meet-up to discuss the book after everyone has finished reading. This option is best for busy schedules because everyone can read the book at their own pace.

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Choose the Host (and a Theme!)

Once you've set a schedule, determine who will host each meeting. When it's your turn to host, determine what kind of gathering you want to have. Host a book club brunch for your crew (this one is fun, but may be a bit more prep work in the kitchen) with a few of our best brunch recipes, or host a casual evening affair with a few finger food appetizers and a signature cocktail.

Another easy hosting hack is to declare it a potluck! Provide the main dish and the drinks (if you're hosting a crowd, pitcher cocktails are easier to whip up than individual drinks) and ask each person to bring a side or appetizer.

Of course, you can take your book club gathering up a notch by assigning a theme. Consider something that fits your book. If you're reading a historical fiction set in Paris, serve champagne and French-inspired appetizers. Flipping through a beach read? Tropical drinks and finger foods it is!

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Choose the Book

Of course, the most important step to any book club party is to choose the book. When you're deciding what to read, make sure it's something everyone can enjoy. If you're having trouble deciding, try choosing a genre first (think romance, autobiographies, thrillers, or mystery). Then, ask everyone to send a book suggestion within the genre and have the host pick from that list.

If you want a mix of genres, follow along with a monthly reading list like Reese's Book Club or Oprah's Book Club.

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