17 Ways to Host the Ultimate Oscar Night Party

desserts drink gold spoon black bow
Photo: Marshall Johnson

Roll out the red carpet for these Oscar party ideas! Grab your squad and host the hottest awards party of the year with an Oscar-themed party. Our cast of A-list drinks, hors-d'oeuvres, and decorations will make your party worthy of Hollywood's top stars. Black tie optional, popcorn mandatory.

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Party Hollywood-Style

oscar party drinks table red hollywood
Marshall Johnson

Gather friends for the hottest ticket of the season: A front-row seat to the Academy Awards in the comfort of your glammed-up home! This year, the Oscars are on Sunday, March 27, 2022. Get your watch party started with a grenadine-topped champagne cocktail and sparkly stir sticks.

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Create an Oscar-Worthy Setting

oscar party decorations star woman
Marshall Johnson

One glance at your living room and guests will be starstruck. Set out fresh flowers, light small candles, and hang strung paper-glitter stars for a display as good as gold. Set up a DIY drink station and let guests play mixologist!

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Party Accents

oscar statues champagne glasses gold
Kim Cornelison

Check your local party supply store for fun party accents like mini gold statues ($13 for 12, Oriental Trading Co.) meant to look like real Academy Awards. Add them to your DIY drink station with fun confetti glasses and plenty of champagne.

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Serve Popcorn in Boxes

popcorn gold decorative boxes stars
Karla Conrad

The star of all movie snacks? Popcorn, of course! Serve the iconic theater snack in paper popcorn containers. Use plain white or colored—either way, these festive boxes make it easy to mingle and munch all evening long.

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Serve 5-Star Desserts

desserts drink gold spoon black bow
Marshall Johnson

Champagne flutes make great glasses for sweet treats. Fill them with homemade vanilla pudding or make individual brownie trifles. These dressed-up desserts—complete with a gold spoon and tied with a black bow—make it easy to grab and enjoy between commercials.

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Nail Polish Party Favors

nail polish party favors gikd sparkles
Marty Baldwin

The awards don't air until later, but the red carpet will be rocking much earlier. Start your party an hour or two before the show so you can catch all the fashions. Plus, pre-party favors of gold nail polish ($10, Target) let you and your girls get all prettied up, too!

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Make Bow Tie Napkins

bow tie napkins
Karla Conrad

We'll take a round of black cocktail napkins with a twist, please! The slick stunners can be made in three easy steps: Fold a square black napkin into thirds, scrunch the middle, and tie a small piece of black fabric around the middle of the napkin. Twist ties also work just as well!

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Make Swag Bags

swag bags stars
Marshall Johnson

Give guests the celeb treatment with an adorable bag of Oscar night swag: chocolate stars, mini bottles of liqueur, and red-hot lipstick. Look for bags at your local crafts stores, then stamp away.

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Oscar Night Party Games

oscar party game sticker stars
Kritsada Panichgul

Entertain guests with a fun Oscar trivia quiz or download our printable bingo cards. The rules are easy-peasy: Watch the awards (and the commercials) for appearances of instances on your card. Use gold star stickers as markers. The first person to fill a row wins.

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And the Oscar Goes To...

oscars checklist clipboard
Marshall Johnson

Quick! Before the show begins, make your own award predictions on our free downloadable ballot. Gold-dipped pencils and chic clipboards (available at your local office supply store) fancy them up in an easy, inexpensive way.

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Easy Drink Garnish

champagne flutes star fruit garnish
Peter Krumhardt

Pour a party-ready glass of champagne! Simply garnish your glass with thick slices of star fruit. Add a small slit at the bottom and hang them on the side of each champagne flute.

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Baked Brie with Roasted Garlic

This elegant appetizer of baked Brie, olives, and garlic earns nominations for both Best Presentation and Best Taste. We like it with small crispy toasts, but you can serve with crackers or any other kind of bread.

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Chic Champagne Floats

Champagne Floats white glasses metallic tray
Matthew Clark

This boozy dessert deserves an award. Scoop your favorite sorbet ahead of party time and top with homemade berry syrup. Finish each glass with your favorite champagne or prosecco and a fresh lemon peel twist.

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Glam Up Appetizers

appetizers star garnish berry
Marshall Johnson

Simple party hors d'oeuvres like this blackberry- and prosciutto- topped crostini get instant 5-star ratings when topped with star-studded garnishes. Make your own using toothpicks, paper stars, and hot glue, or buy them online or at your local crafts supply store.

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Premiere Dip Platter

dip platter bread wooden board
Andy Lyons

Give your go-to party baguette something to talk about with a double-feature of dips. Starring market-fresh mozzarella and basil or garlic-baked eggplant—the cast is sure to win your audience's vote.

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Chocolate-in-a-Leading-Role Cake

Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes recipe drizzle wire rack
Blaine Moats

Rich dark chocolate and market-fresh raspberries costar in this showstopping dessert. Just before serving, top each cake with a drizzle of creamy chocolate truffle icing.

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Movie Montage Meatballs

Molasses-Lime Meatballs recipe with stickers on white pan
Andy Lyons

For a starter that will steal the show, slow-cook homemade turkey-oat meatballs in a bubbling blend of lime juice, soy, and molasses. Serve them with crusty bread or crackers.

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