Host an Olive Oil-Tasting Garden Party

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Gather in the garden for an easy summer party complete with a delicious olive oil tasting. We're sharing recipes, DIY ides, and advice for creating the ultimate garden party.

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Backyard Bar Cart

outdoor serving cart

Wheels up to party time! A bar cart on wheels means you can play bartender no matter where the party starts. Keep things simple with one signature cocktail and colorful glassware. Herbs in pots below make perfect fresh garnishes.

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Set the Scene

outdoor table setting

A farmhouse table moved outside is the perfect setting for this breezy garden party. Keep the color scheme neutral with white dishes, natural linens, and fluffy pillows.

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Simple Centerpieces

flowers in canning jar

These DIY centerpieces prove simple is best. Choose one standout flower and add delicate accent sprigs. We love sunny orange blooms for this backyard affair.

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Cool Cocktail

Theo's Calitini

Vinegar stars in flavored ice cubes in this bubbly cocktail. Add to each cocktail just before serving.

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Stunning Cheese Board

appetizer platter

The secret to creating the ultimate cheese platter? A mix of textures, tastes, and flavors. Choose one to three kinds of cheese, some hard and some soft. Toss on fresh fruit, nuts, and olives. Finish with a homemade condiment like spiced pesto.

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Olive Oil Tasting

olive oils

To appreciate the unique flavors of olive oil, try hosting a special tasting. Expert Theo Stephan shares her tips for trying each oil:

Pour a tablespoon of each into a small cup and warm it in your palm to release the oil's aromas.

Sip and let the oil coat your mouth and the back of your tongue.

Pay attention to the finish. It may be buttery, fruity, herbaceous, peppery, or bitter.

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Kalamata Olive Baklava

Kalamata Baklava

This baklava takes a walk on the savory side. Finish this flaky party appetizer with a drizzle of honey sauce.

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Edible Flowers

Nasturtium Poppers

These gorgeous appetizers start with fresh edible nasturtiums. Fill the center of each with a luscious herb and goat cheese mix.

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Avocado Soup

Avocado Soup

Olive oil stars in this cold summer soup. Finish each bowl with a hearty drizzle and a sprinkling of homemade sesame spice mix.

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Luscious Layer Cake

Zucchini-Olive Oil Cake

There's even olive oil in the cake! We'll show you how to make the naked cake and frost it for a party presentation.

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Top It Off

decorating a cake with figs

Echo the fresh fruit from the appetizer cheese plate in your dessert. A fresh fig topper looks stunning on this naked layer cake and ties the party menu together.

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Olive Branch Wreaths

creating a leaf wreath

Weave together fresh olive branches to create a stunning summer wreath. Choose branches that have plenty of green leaves for the most texture.

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