Host a Terrarium-Making Party

Grab a few friends, round up some succulents, and throw on your gardening gloves! We have inspiration plus all the tips you need to host the perfect terrarium-making party. Check out our terrarium how-to instructions, and get ready to enjoy the best girls gathering.

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    Succulent Soiree

    Gather the girls for a pretty terrarium-making party complete with wine and sweets. Get easy DIY ideas and free party printables for making your next girls night in one to remember. 

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    Party Invites

    Send this adorable invite to gather your pals for an evening of creating. Just download our invite, fill in the place and time, and pop it in the mail.

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    Pretty Place Setting

    Add a store-bought natural wood tray to each place setting at the table, complete with all the supplies necessary to build the perfect terrarium. Guests can build their creations right on the tray, keeping excess dirt, rocks, and moss contained (and not on the floor!). 

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    Pretty Place Card

    A mini terra-cotta pot with an adorable place card lets each guest know where to sit, and the mini pots are perfect take-home presents!

    To create, fill the pot with floral foam, which will anchor the metal clip. Use moss and succulents to cover the top, and insert a coiled piece of gold wire. Finish by adding a name to our free printable cards.

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    DIY: Dipped Tools

    Gift each guest a personalized set of dipped tools to use for their terrarium and then to take home as a party favor!

    To create, start with tools that have natural wood handles. Tape the handle and dip the bottom third of each in a light paint color.  

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    Succulent Tray

    Display arrangements of small succulents around the table to give guests easy access while they build their terrariums. Use small succulent clippings for smaller terrariums. Galvanized metal cake stands add the perfect rustic touch to a natural tablescape. 

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    Gather Supplies

    Keep terrarium supplies on hand by scattering Mason jars of rocks, dirt, and moss around the table. For a party with a large number of guests, make several sets of jars for easier access. Fill the jars with each ingredient and use our downloadable cards to label each jar.

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    Creation Station

    Set up a large table with craft trays and the terrarium supplies so guests will have easy access to all the materials. Keep post-party cleanup easy by covering the table with a long sheet of craft paper. 

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    Terrarium How-To

    Not sure exactly what order to place each of the elements to create the perfect terrarium? No problem! Print out this adorable how-to guide for each place setting so every party guest can create the best layering of earthy ingredients. 

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    Terrarium Time

    Serve some wine, put on some tunes, and start creating! Since the majority of your time at the table will be spent making the terrariums, it's important that everything is within reach. Adding different colors and styles of rocks or moss to the table will ensure that each terrarium creation is unique.

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    Treat Table

    Create a separate table display for snacks to keep them away from the dirt and plants. Tie your decorative elements together by displaying treats on the same style of cake stand as the mini succulents on the craft table.

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    Tasty Treats

    Guests will love eating succulent-themed snacks almost as much as they'll love making their own terrariums. White cupcakes decorated with piped succulents are the perfect party treat! Stick with the party's natural theme by using a marble or plain wood cupcake tower to display the sweets. 

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    Cute Cookies

    Graham cracker crumbles and piped icing succulents make the perfect sugar cookie toppers. Display these yummy snacks the same way you set up the succulents to keep the theme going throughout the entire party.

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    Finishing Touches

    Mix in small floral accents with the succulents to give each terrarium a pop of color. These flowers can set a color theme for your party. We love the pop of bright pink mini roses against the earth tones in the terrariums.

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    Show and Tell

    When everyone has created their terrariums, gather the gals and have them show off their finished creations. This is the perfect time to snap a picture-perfect Instagram photo. 

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    Send each party guest home with their own terrarium that's perfect for displaying on a window ledge or hanging by a twine loop. Give terrariums a spritz of water every few days to keep the succulents growing and the moss fresh. 

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