How to Host a Spa Party at Home for an Indulgent Girls' Night In

spa party kit diy scrub butter station spoons jars essential oils
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It's time to treat yourself and pamper your favorite pals. Host a DIY spa party and get ready to relax. We've got light snacks, fun projects, and easy ideas for the most aaah-inducing party you've ever thrown.

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DIY Spa Party

Spa Party Kit
Rebekah Molloy

Gather your best girls and get ready to relax! We've planned a do-it-yourself spa day complete with homemade treatments, fresh fare, and of course, cocktails.

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DIY Beauty Bar

spa party bar polish flowers salt scrubs candles
Rebekah Molloy

A beauty bar complete with pamper-yourself essentials like nail polish, flowers, and homemade salt scrubs is the heart of the party. Be sure to include plenty of relaxing spa-scented candles ($10, Target); they set the mood for an ultra-relaxing day.

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Chic Seating

spa party blue red pillows poufs blankets
Rebekah Molloy

Set out coordinating poufs and fluffy throw pillows for easy, breezy seating. Toss in a few comfy throw blankets ($10, Walmart) so your guests feel comfortable and extra cozy.

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Serene Setting

spa party flowers peonies ranunculus eucalyptus candles
Rebekah Molloy

Cheerful bouquets brighten up your space with color and fragrance. We choose a happy mix of peonies, ranunculus, succulents, and sweet-smelling eucalyptus. Dim the lights and let candles create a relaxing amber glow.

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Petal Power

spa party adding petals hand foot soak
Rebekah Molloy

Add a few flower petals to homemade softening hand and foot soaks for an extra touch of "aah." We opted for inexpensive blooms like carnations and daisies.

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Spa Essentials

spa party kit diy scrub butter station spoons jars essential oils
Rebekah Molloy

Put together a DIY scrub and butter station where guests can help themselves to homemade pampering products. Stock it with spoons, pretty glass jars ($18 for 12, Target), and essential oils, so each person can fill their own jar. Guests can use the scrubs and butters during the party, then take the leftovers home as a party favor.

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Make: Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter

spa party body butter almond coconut oil blue jar hand
Rebekah Molloy

This body butter is ultra-luscious thanks to a blend of almond and coconut oil. Make a big batch of unscented butter (we've got an easy recipe for it!) then give guests the chance to customize their own jar with a variety of essential oils ($15 for six blends, Walmart).

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Make: Sugar Sea Salt Scrub

spa party sea salt scrub diy bowls table women
Rebekah Molloy

It wouldn't be a spa party without an invigorating sea salt scrub. Raw sugar ($3, Walmart) gives this blend coarse texture, while essential oils add sweet scents. Use our easy recipe to make a large batch in an oversize glass jar ($6, Walmart) so guests can help themselves.

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Make: Clay Hand and Foot Soak

spa party woman hand soak flower petals bowl
Rebekah Molloy

A skin-softening blend of French green clay, epsom salts ($5, Target), and baking soda is the perfect start to DIY manicures. You can find French green clay ($8, Bulk Apothecary) online or at health food stores.

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Polish Perfected

spa party hands painting fingernails red polish
Rebekah Molloy

Skip the salon and get polishing! Take turns giving each other at-home manicures using different color nail polishes. Keep polish remover and towels on-hand for quick touch-ups.

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Stock the Bar Cart

spa party drinks cart infused waters juices flowers glasses
Rebekah Molloy

Hydrate with refreshing infused waters and healthy juices. Try a blend of cucumber, lime, or fresh floral flowers (we used pesticide-free roses). Add pitchers of green juices and fresh-squeezed drinks to a gold and wood bar cart ($150, Target) for the ultimate refreshment station.

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Spa Sips

spa party cocktails succulents tray bellinis blackberries
Rebekah Molloy

Spa time is cocktail time. Whip up a couple signature drinks like our Ginger-Peach Bellini and Herbed Blackberries on the Rocks. We served them on a tray decorated with cut succulents.

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Eat: Avocado and Pesto Tomatoes

Avocado and Pesto Tomatoes
Rebekah Molloy

Purchased pesto and a two-step technique mean these sweet tomato bites are a low-stress recipe to make. Be sure to look for large basil leaves for effortless assembly.

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Eat: Shrimp Spring Rolls with Chimichurri Sauce

Shrimp Spring Rolls with Chimichurri Sauce
Rebekah Molloy

Grab-and-go bites mean plenty of time for relaxation. Roll up a batch of spring rolls with shrimp and veggies, and serve them with our herby chimichurri sauce.

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Eat: Honey-Quinoa Salad

Honey-Quinoa Salad
Rebekah Molloy

Keep things light and easy with a refreshing sweet and savory salad. A ginger-honey dressing soaks quinoa, dried fruit, and lettuce with maximum flavor. Top with chopped cashews for crunch.

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Eat: Cilantro-Lime Chicken Salad

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Salad
Rebekah Molloy

Make this zesty chicken salad ahead of time for hands-off hosting. To serve, scoop into corn or flour tortillas and top with fresh cilantro, chili powder, and red onion.

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Eat: Berry-Mint Granita

Berry-Mint Granita
Rebekah Molloy

An overnight freeze time is all it takes to whip up this ruby red dessert. Simply blend fresh berries, lemon, sugar, and mint, then freeze. A squeeze of fresh lime brings the whole dessert together.

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Party Favor: Gemstone Soaps

spa party favor gemstone soaps gift tray
Rebekah Molloy

Faceted gemstone soaps are the perfect spa day party favor. Whip up a big batch ahead of time, then set out for day-of gifting. No need for fancy molds or ingredients—all it takes is a loaf pan ($9, Target) and three ingredients.

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