Host a Bayou Shrimp Boil

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Celebrate summer with a super casual feast for friends. We're whipping up a Southern-inspired shrimp boil complete with nautical details and family-style dining. Head outside and get ready to relax! The shrimp's hot and the drinks are cold at this rustic outdoor party.

Set the Scene

Celebrate the color scheme of summer. A cherry red gingham tablecloth, rope-wrapped vases, and nautical decor are simple but impactful. Lanterns filled with electric candles set the mood into the evening hours.

Family-Style Serving

A casual outdoor shrimp boil calls for family-style serving with all the fixings. Serve the main dish with mismatched tongs, food-safe newsprint parchment, and tin pie plates. Don't skip the condiments -- we like hot sauce, seafood seasoning, halved lemons, tartar sauce, and cocktail sauce.

On the Menu: Low Country Boil

The star of the party? This one-pot meal. Boil shrimp, sausage, veggies, and herbs, and serve it all up family-style. Nothing says summer like a classic shrimp boil.

The Menu: Hush Puppies

No shrimp boil is complete without crispy fried hush puppies. Our Southern-style bites stay true to the classic with cornmeal, buttermilk, and a touch of sugar.

The Menu: Coleslaw Two Ways

There are two coleslaw camps -- those who like a creamier side, and those who opt for a tangy vinegar-base slaw. Keep everyone happy with a big bowl of each. Similar prep means these dishes come together in a snap.

The Menu: Pecan Pie Bars

Everything you love about slices of pecan pie wrapped up for grab-and-go desserting. We wrapped our bars in parchment paper secured with twine.

The Menu: Lime Bars

We've given classic lemon bars a new twist! Fresh lime zest and juice mean these make-ahead bars are the perfect balance of puckery and sweet.

Printable Invitations

Print and pack these playful invites in colorful red snack bags. We also included an inexpensive bib made from a plastic grocery bag.

To Make: Cut bag in half to separate front and back (bag's handles will become bib ties). Following the lines of the bag, cut a deeper curve (to make longer ties). Use a black permanent marker to trace shrimp onto front of the bib and color in; let dry about 15 minutes before packaging so marker doesn't smear.

Party-Perfect Menu

Upcycle an old mirror with a quick coat of chalkboard paint. Write out the day's menu, or use the sign to welcome guests to the party!

DIY Shrimp Bunting

A denim banner is the perfect outdoor decor for a casual Low Country boil.

To Make: Cut old jeans to desired shape and size. (We cut about 10 pieces.) Stiffen each piece with fusible stabilizer. Transfer the shrimp icon onto stencil film and cut out. Stencil shrimp icon in red onto each denim piece. Cut small holes at top corners; install grommets using grommet pliers. Thread rope through grommets. If necessary, use tape to secure flags at back.

Warm Welcome

Welcome guests with a DIY nautical life-preserver-inspired wreath. You won't believe what's it's made from!

Roped-In Vases

Make pretty (and inexpensive!) carnations pop with rustic rope-wrapped vases.

To Make: Starting at vase bottom, secure end of rope to vase using hot glue. Wind rope around vase, securing with hot glue at every pass. Cut rope at top of vase; if using poly rope, seal cut end with a lighter.

Nautical Napkins

Wrap up silverware and blue cloth napkins with a quick twist of rope. Simply braid doubled lengths of 1/4-inch-diameter white rope, and secure the ends with white duct tape.

DIY Table Runner

Kraft paper creates a rustic and easy-to-clean table runner. Add extra details with natural twine and grommets.

To Make: Cut kraft paper to fit tabletop, allowing a 15-inch drop on both sides. Measure to fit desired number of Xs across each short side, marking four holes for each X. (Cut a small hole at each mark, and install grommets using grommet pliers.) Thread twine through holes to create each X, securing with a knot at the back. (For a thicker look, double or triple the twine or use wider cording or rope.)

Bev Bucket

Give a galvinized bucket a party-ready makeover with knotted rope and our DIY shrimp decal.

To Make: Print shrimp icon onto clear ink-jet sticker paper. Cut out and apply to a metal bucket according to manufacturer's instructions. Use hot glue to secure rope around the bottom of the bucket. Tie a decorative (double-infinity) knot in rope: Cut an even number of long lengths of rope; separate into two groups. Shape one group into a flat loop. Lace second group through first loop. Cross tails of the second group, noting how tails overlap. (The tails should be on top of loops.) Tuck two opposite tails through loops. Leave two remaining tails on top of loops. Gently pull the tails to tighten the knot, adjusting rope as needed to keep the knot flat; secure around top rim of bucket using hot glue.

Buoy Drink Tags

Numbered drink tags are the perfect way for guests to keep track of their glasses.

To Make: Spray-paint metal washers white; let dry. Meanwhile, use a chalk marker to write on chalkboard tags. Use red nail polish to paint four stripes on the washers to mimic life preservers. When dry, hang a washer and tag around the jar mouth with twine.

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