Create stunning invites, letters, and more with our simple DIY calligraphy. We'll teach you easy techniques for block lettering, watercolor, and calligraphy. Plus, get easy ideas for dressing up your snail mail.

Updated July 27, 2017

Hand Lettering

Skip the informal text message and personalize your next invites with your own script. We'll show you how! 

Get more brush lettering basics. 

Fancy Letters

Tranditional calligraphy has a not-for-the-faint-of-heart reputation. Not anymore! Borrow a few easy techniques: Use a fine-tip (.5 or .1 mm) gel or roller-ball pen to fake the varying thickness (on the downstroke) by adding a shadow effect to any element of the letter when the pen is moving down. 

We love using Derwent brand's Graphik line maker pens. 

Mix It Up

Opposites attract -- the interplay of simple uppercase block print and a lowercase script ups the whimsy factor. A pop of neon pink ink doesn't hurt!

Apply Color

A well-chosen palette can make an invite. Experiment with the unexpected for the best results. 

For a pop, use metallics! Try silver with blue, gold with pink, and rose gold with green. 

Try Watercolor

Take a watercolor shortcut. Use a brush pen that mimics the organic edges and variations in hue of traditional watercolor. 

We love the Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pens

Easy Block Lettering

Easy block lettering works best in contrast with a script element. Use a fine-tip pen and be consistent in the space and height of each letter. Add charm by pushing the waistline of each narrow letter up a bit.

Try using a Sakura Gelly Roll pen.

Dress It Up

Adding embellishments and/or borders can be just the thing to set a message apart. A simple laurel-inspired border is as easy as adding oversize parentheses and heart-shape leaves. 

Try decorating with a classic Sharpie. 

Finishing Touches

Add some final panache to your invitation. We love a colorful envelope, or add a wax seal using a hot-glue gun for e xtra fanciness.

A personalized address stamp is an easy way to snazz up an envelope. We love wood-handled options, and color choices are limited only by your ink pad. Think of the time you'll save come holiday-card season!

Washi tape is the ultimate embellishment. Available in seemingly infinite colors and patterns, it's a real charmer when used to seal an envelope or add a stripe of color to invitations.


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