Don't show up to the party empty handed. We've got easy and adorable ideas for DIY hostess gifts. They're handmade, special, and all cost $15 or less. It's party time.
flowers in vase

Repurpose a glass bottle into a custom etched bud vase. Fill the vase with bold yellow billy balls for a playful look. 

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Napkin Set


Use a stamp and ink to add a sweet message to napkins. We opted for a cheers-y memo. Tie the stack up with jute or bakers twine. 

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DIY Disposables


This eco-chic silverware is incredibly easy. Choose your favorite washi tape pattern and go! 

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Drink Markers

clothes pins

Charm your party guests with these personalized cocktail markers. All it takes is clothespins and paint pens! 

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Transplant Jar

plant in jar

Give the gift of your favorite houseplant! Package up a sprig from one of your favorite houseplants. 

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Wine or Bread Gift Bag

cheers bottle cover

A bottle of wine is a lovely hostess gift. Add a personal touch with this DIY gift bag. It's also great for wrapping a fresh baguette. 

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DIY Pillow

relax pillow

Add personality to a simple throw pillow with a bleach pen! 

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Drink Tag Coasters


Paint blank cork coasters and attach string for hanging from wine and beer bottles. 

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Chalkboard Platter

chalkboard serving tray

Upcycle a thrifted platter into a cute chalkboard menu. All it takes is a quick coat of paint! 

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
September 11, 2018
I really like the idea of the Bamboo utensils, these are are really pretty and recyclable but, is the washi tape? If not what else do you recommend! Thank You in advance!raf