Childhood Board Games You Should Be Playing Now

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Take it back old-school with the best board games to ever grace your childhood shelf. From Candy Land and Mystery Date to Battleship and Clue, these throwback games will make you feel like a kid again in just one quick move. Let the nostalgia begin!

The Game of Life

Graduate college, start a career, have twins, and retire in less than an hour. Just remember: We can't all have beach houses. Such is Life.

Candy Land

With Molasses Swamp and Gum Drop Mountain, it's no surprise this game is the sweetest on the shelf. Make your way to Candy Castle for the ultimate sugar rush.


What's the buzz about Operation? Try getting the wish bone out of Cavity Sam and see for yourself.

Mouse Trap

Be like Kevin McCallister and create an epic trap that's so '90s, complete with a bath tub shoot and a flying toy man. Yeah, it's for real.


Because how else would we learn about adult things like rent and bankruptcy? If you're lucky, you can spend the hour makin' paper -- just don't go too crazy, or you might wind up in jail.

Mystery Date

Do more than just daydream. Open the mystery door to the perfect date (and outfit) in this game built for your inner awkward tween. We can picture the little Bachelorettes now...


In the words of Taylor Swift, this game is "Trouble, Trouble, Trouble." Pop and roll your way to victory with this classic dice game.

Guess Who

Whether you're a redhead with glasses or a fair freckled blond, this game defines your chosen character as much as your childhood. Besides, we know you miss plunking down those flaps.


Whether you're yellow, red, green, or blue, this game is all about playing it safe. Throw it back with a round that hits home.


Ahh, Clue. Because who doesn't love solving a good murder mystery? Our guess: Colonel Mustard with a wrench in the Billiard Room.


This. Means. War. Position your ships, then lock and load for one of the most popular board games of all time. Seriously, though. It dates all the way back to the 1930s!


Make your next game night Perfection with this heart-racing board game. Fill in all of the shapes before time runs out, or watch the pieces pop like confetti.


Easy to learn, fun to play. What's not to love about this board game gem? 


Snatch a comfy seat and rack up those double and triple points. All you need: a glass of wine and a little wordplay. 

Trivial Pursuit

This game was made for parties. Test your pop culture knowledge with a themed version everyone can get on board with: SNL, Friends, '80s, and more! 

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Everyday is Boxing Day when you play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Manage the Red Rocker or the Blue Bomber -- either way, this game is knock-your-socks-off fun.


Every move is risky business when it comes to this intense strategy game. Oversee armies and capture the territories of other players. (Those little green army guys never stood a chance.)

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