Cheap Winter Party Decorations

Decorate your home for a holiday or New Year's Eve party without overspending with our tips for cheap party decorations. All you need is some crafts magic and our clever decoration ideas.

Sparkling Candles

Create a warm glow at your holiday or New Year's Eve party with a set of glitter-dusted candles. To make these cheap party decorations, brush candles with glue and roll them in a mixture of Epsom salt and glitter.

What you need: candles, Epsom salt, glitter, glue

Estimated cost: $12

Chalkboard Party Menu

Give guests a heads-up on the night's feast with an elegant chalkboard menu. We recommend trolling thrift stores for the perfect inexpensive platter to paint.

What you need: plate, chalkboard paint, chalk

Estimated cost: $8

Pinecone Chair Decorations

Pinecones from your backyard make gorgeous but inexpensive party decorations. Leave them natural or lightly spray-paint them white, and hang from chairbacks with ribbon.

What you need: pinecones, white spray paint, ribbon

Estimated cost: $13

Snowflake DIY Tablecloth

Build a stunning snowscape on your dining table or buffet with snowflakes snipped from paper napkins. We love the contrast of red and blue, but you can choose one color to save on cost.

What you need: assorted paper napkins

Estimated cost: $6

Create a pretty snowflake wreath with felt and a few cheap supplies. This craft will look great on your holiday door!

DIY Snowflake Wreath

Inexpensive crafts supplies make this DIY wreath an ideal party decoration. Bonus: The snowflake motif looks pretty all winter.

Wrapped-Candle Centerpiece

Wrapping paper and double-stick tape combine for the easiest party decoration ever. A plate full of glimmering candles is the only centerpiece you need.

What you need: one roll of wrapping paper (two if you want to mix patterns), double-stick tape.

Estimated cost: $5

Cork and Candle Centerpiece

Wine corks add a rustic vibe to any party. Create this pretty centerpiece faster than it takes to pop a cork! Place wine corks around a votive candle in a tall glass hurricane vase. Prop your candle up on a wooden block so it can be seen above the corks.

What you need: wine corks, votive candle, hurricane vase, wooden block.

Estimated cost: $15

Easy Wooden Snowflakes

Create a party-perfect winter wonderland with sweet DIY snowflakes. Using paper or painted crafts sticks and paint stirrers, as shown here, hang a grouping of snowflakes up the banister, over the dining table, or from your buffet table.

What you need: crafts sticks, white spray paint, glue

Estimated cost: $11

Painted Metallic Vases

Sparkling vases will light up your tabletop, and they're cheap to make. Pour metallic crafts paint into a vase, and twirl until you get the desired coverage.

What you need: metallic crafts paint, clear glass vase

Estimated cost: $8

Floating Candle Display

Upgrade simple floating candles with cranberries and a sprig of fresh greenery for an easy and cheap party decoration. For ultra-inexpensive options, trim the greens from your yard and use clear glasses if you don't have Mason jars. 

What you need: Mason jars, fresh greens, cranberries, floating candles

Estimated cost: $18 (for 8 candle displays)

Decorative Doilies

Create the illusion of a snowflake tree with inexpensive paper doilies. We suggest placing this stunning tree above the bar cart or buffet to make it a desitination decoration.

What you need: white paper doilies, glue dots or quick-release tape

Estimated cost: $5

Stunning Vegetable Centerpiece

Got candles? Then a trip to the grocery store is all you need to make this unexpectedly elegant centerpiece. Wrap candles with rubber bands, and then tuck veggies into the bands. Hide the rubber bands with a green ribbon for a monochromatic look, or try a contrasting color.

What you need: candles, assorted vegetables, ribbon

Estimated cost: $11

Old Christmas sweaters become fresh-and-fuzzy additions to your table display. Here's how to turn a past-its-prime Christmas cover-up into an eye-catching Christmas centerpiece.

Sweater Trees

Pretty up a window or table display with DIY trees made from fuzzy recycled sweaters.

What you need: old sweater, 1/4-inch-thick wooden dowel, sewing supplies, hot glue, polyfill, slice of wood

Estimated cost: $5

Pretty Present Centerpiece

Not all gifts belong under the tree! Wrap up this stunning centerpiece for your table or buffet. Fill a clear glass vase with assorted ornaments, and tie with a wide satin ribbon. A sprinkle of faux snow creates a tabletop winter wonderland. 

What you need: ornaments, ribbon, glass container, faux snow

Estimated cost: $13

Sweet Display

Christmas candies get festive! Create this sweet tree with candy canes and string. To start, cut four pieces of string (the longest should be 26 inches). Tie on evenly spaced candy canes, and secure to the wall with tape or colored tacks. 

What you need: candy canes, string, tape or colored tacks

Estimated cost: $3

Ombre Glitter Vase

Dazzle your guests with this handmade sparkly centerpiece. You only need three supplies: a glass cylinder, glitter, and glue. The icy silver-and-blue combo gives it a winter feel, but you can use any colors you like. Follow along as we teach you how to make it!

What you need: 3x5 glass cylinder, glitter, glue

Estimated cost: $9

DIY Cheer Mirror

This festive DIY spells holiday cheer! Measure the width of your mirror and cut a length of ribbon twice as long; tie the two ends together. Center the painted wooded letters on the ribbon and secure them with hot glue. Slide the decoration over your mirror, and use small pieces of double-stick tape to hold the ribbon in place.

What you need: painted wooden letters, ribbon, hot glue, double-stick tape

Estimated cost: $8

Easy Photo Garland

This family photo garland is perfect for holiday gatherings. Create the garland by clipping family photos to a piece of festive ribbon. For a cohesive look, stick to black-and-white photos. Pretty glitter snowflakes add a pop of cheer. 

What you need: wooden clips, ribbon, family photos, glitter snowflakes

Estimated cost: $4

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