Awesome Party Tricks Under $8 That Will Change Your Entertaining Forever

Fruity ice cubes, cheap homemade banners, and more: Here are 15 stylish (and easy) tricks for making your bash the party of the season!

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    Personalize Invitations

    Price: 50 cents each

    Skip store-bought. Personally made invites stamped with guests' names are a special way to get the party started. Design them online or go old school with pretty stationery paper and letter stamps.

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    Set Out Fresh Flowers

    Price: $5

    Flowers add a happy pop of color to any gathering, fancy or casual. No need to splurge at the market -- a handful of blooms is plenty. Use one stem per jar, then scatter them around the party zone or string on a garland for some sweet-smelling sophistication. 

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    Mix Up Trays

    Price: free

    Why break the bank when what you have is already perfect? Use on-hand plates and trays -- plain or patterned -- to get your grub on the party table. New to hosting? Ask to borrow from a friend. 

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    Keep Track of Glasses

    Price: $2

    Admit it -- we've all lost a drink in the midst of munching and mingling. Save glasses from being goners with a quick strip of washi tape. Leave a permanent marker at your drink station so that guests can mark and pour as they please. Look for the adorable (and inexpensive) tape at your local crafts store.

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    Hang a Homemade Banner

    Price: $2

    For no-fail party style, hang a homemade banner showcasing your favorite prints. Start by cutting a thin stack of your chosen paper into indented or triangle shapes. Use a hole punch to string the sheets together, then hang for all to ooh and ahh over.

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    Make Confetti Poppers

    Price: $2 each

    Forget ice cream -- fill empty push pops with something even better: confetti. To make, mix up small scraps of colorful cut paper. (Use patterned, tissue, and/or wrapping paper.) Hole punchers and ridged scissors help create a mix of fun shapes. Look for empty push pops at your local crafts store. 

    Editor's Tip: These fabulous favors double as decor -- sprinkle the confetti atop tables for some extra glitz and glam. 

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    Spray-Paint Baskets

    Price: $2 each

    Party colorfully with an assortment of brightly hued baskets. The spray-painted serving ware makes every trip to the table a treat. Look for plain baskets at your local party supply store. 

    Bonus: Make cleanup a snap by lining the baskets with parchment paper!

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    Keep Drinks Cold

    Price: $2

    Don't forget to stock up on ice the morning before your party. Quick tip: Drinks actually cool faster in a bucket of ice that has a fair slosh of salt water in it (not just ice). A few shakes of table salt should do the trick. 

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    Hang Up Lights

    Price: $8 for 8 (or $1 per light)

    Get the party glowing with a string of hanging lights. The cheap and festive decoration is perfect for wrapping around trees and decks. Look for them at your local hardware and party supply stores.

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    Use Paper Straws

    Price: $3

    Sip in style with fun paper straws. Go plain or multicolor -- either way, guests will love the added touch. Look for a pack at your local superstore.

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    Decorate with Washi Tape

    Price: $2

    Washi tape is the perfect party tool. It's cheap, colorful, and can adhere to almost anything. Wrap it around trays, candles, glasses, and more to make your party instantly prettier.

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    Perfect Party in 3 Easy Steps

    Whether your event is indoors or out, here are three easy tips for hosting a successful soiree.

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    Create a Playlist

    Price: free

    Pump up partygoers with some sweet-sounding fun: a playlist. A mix with both fresh and classic artists such as Katy Perry and The Beatles will appeal to all tastes.

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    Freeze Fruit in Ice Cubes

    Price: $6

    Make a splash with this easy, freezy party trick! Grab an ice tray, drop in your favorite fresh or frozen fruits, cover with water, and freeze -- your party drinks have never looked so good.

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    Set Out Mason Jars

    Price: $1 each

    Mason jars are hot right now. Use the trendy, vintage jars for almost anything: cocktail glasses, silverware holders, vases, and more! Liven them up with a quick brush of transparent glass paint, available at your local crafts store.

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    Make Napkin Pockets

    Price: $3

    Paper pockets are a cute and easy way to hold napkins and utensils. To make, fold a letter-size piece of decorative paper in half; press in the sides so they just overlap, and secure with colorful tape. (Leftover washi tape is perfect for this project!)

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