How to Wrap a Flower Bouquet So Even Grocery Store Flowers Look Fancy

Turn a store-bought floral arrangement into a sweet handmade gift with our favorite bouquet wraps and free gift tags.

Use our supermarket flower-arranging tips to transform a few inexpensive bouquets (most grocery stores have bundles of flowers for $5-15) into one stunning arrangement. Then use our tips for how to wrap a flower bouquet to make it extra-special. We'll show you which wraps go well with different bouquets, and you'll get inspiration for how to style our free printable gift tags. No matter what the occasion, these finishing touches will make any last-minute flower gift feel truly special.

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Step-by-Step Directions

Follow our simple how-to instructions to learn how to wrap a bouquet of flowers. You should be able to make each wrap in under 20 minutes.

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Splatter Paper Wrap

Use kraft paper and watered-down paint to create this fun and fresh splatter paper bouquet wrap. This is a great choice for how to wrap a flower bouquet with long stems since the paper typically comes in a large roll and can be folded lengthwise. You'll be able to adjust the kraft paper to the length of the stems. Fold the paper several times to make the wrap thicker, which should hide the plastic and wet paper towel keeping the bouquet fresh. Switch up the paper and paint colors to match the flower colors.

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Washi Tape Wrap

The hardest part of this wrap will be choosing the pattern of washi tape—it's seriously that easy! Simply wrap a wide roll of washi tape directly around the flower stems, or wrap the tape around a cardboard toilet paper tube and insert the stems into the tube. If you only have thin washi tape, just wrap it several times around the cardboard, overlapping the pieces to form a solid pattern. This is best for how to wrap a bouquet of flowers that's smaller and is comprised of a few stand-out blooms. We love the black and white polka dots with those bright pink peonies!

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Paper Gift Bag Wrap

Instead of wrapping a present, use a paper gift bag to make a wrapped bouquet of flowers! This is an easy way to create a sweet homemade gift without spending a lot of money—you can even reuse a gift bag that someone else has gifted you. With some creative folding and a decorative ribbon, an ordinary paper gift bag becomes a heartfelt gift with a homemade touch. Use a bright ribbon to make the free printable tag stand out.

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Easy Fabric Wrap

This rustic wrap really is as easy as it looks! Simply trim your fabric, roll, and tie. We used leftover scraps of burlap fabric, but you can do this with any kind of fabric you have lying around. It's a great way to repurpose those leftover fabric scraps that aren't big enough to use for an actual project. This is also a great way to showcase blooms on long stems by letting them peek out from the bottom of the fabric. We like to keep the stems long when we gift flowers so that the recipient can trim them down to fit the vase they want to use.

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Geometric Cone

Make a large bunch of flowers pop with a simple but striking DIY bouquet cone. And with our downloadable template, it's easy to create those perfect corners. It's easier than it looks to fold together, we promise. We recommend using a heavier material for this wrap. Plain paper or light cardstock probably won't work, especially with the added weight of the wet paper towel and plastic wrap that keeps your flowers hydrated. We used a heavy black poster board. The black and pink combination of this cone is filled with bright peonies!

bouquet of flowers, flowers, floral arrangement

Tissue Paper Wrap

This polka-dot tissue paper wrap could not be an easier way to create a wrapped flower bouquet. And it works for all sizes and types of bouquets, too. After placing the bouquet inside a tissue paper fold, simply wrap and tie the tissue paper securely to create this fun floral gift. And, since you're folding and tying the paper, it's totally okay to reuse whatever tissue you have lying around—we're all about being resourceful when it comes to gifting! We'll show you how to fold the tissue paper around the flowers just right for a gorgeous presentation.

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Folded Paper Cone

Take lined wrapping paper or patterned crafts paper and fold it into a cone to create this geometric look that adds a rustic pop to pretty foliage or a short and wide bouquet. We seriously love the combination of the kraft paper with those full green branches, and a lightweight bouquet like this is the perfect weight for a bouquet wrap made from kraft paper or cardstock. If you're using a wet paper towel and plastic wrap to keep your bouquet fresh, just make sure it's well sealed before you add the paper cone!

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