Make These Stunning Bouquet Wraps

Turn a store-bought floral arrangement into a sweet handmade gift with our favorite bouquet wraps. Find out which wraps go well with different bouquets, plus get an adorable set of free gift tags for the finishing touch.

These wraps dress up any store-bought bouquet for any occasion. From a small rustic bunch of greens to a large, bright bouquet, these wraps add a lovely homemade touch. 

Plus, get our free printable bouquet wrap tags. 

Splatter Paper Wrap

Use kraft paper and watered-down paint to create this fun and fresh floral wrap. Because the paper typically comes in a large roll and can be folded lengthwise, this is a great choice for a bouquet with long stems. Switch up the paper and paint colors to match the flower colors. 

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Washi Tape Wrap

The hardest part of this wrap will be choosing the pattern of washi tape. Simply wrap a wide roll of tape around the flower stems. This is best for a smaller bouquet of a few stand-out blooms. We love it with these bright peonies!

Paper Gift Bag Wrap

Instead of wrapping a present, use a paper gift bag to wrap flowers! With some creative folding and a decorative ribbon, an ordinary paper gift bag becomes a heartfelt gift with a homemade touch.

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Easy Fabric Wrap

This rustic wrap really is as easy as it looks. Simply trim your fabric, roll, and tie. This is a great way to showcase blooms on long stems by letting them peek out from the bottom of the fabric.

Geometric Cone

Make a large bouquet really pop with a simple but striking geometric cone. And with our downloadable template, it's easy to create those perfect corners. We love the black and pink combination of this cone filled with bright peonies!

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Tissue Paper Wrap

This fun polka-dot look could not be easier to achieve! After placing the bouquet inside a tissue paper fold, simply wrap and tie to create this fun floral gift. We''ll show you how to fold it for a gorgeous presentation.

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Folded Paper Cone

Take lined wrapping paper or patterned crafts paper and fold into a cone to create this geometric look that adds a rustic pop to pretty foliage or a short and wide bouquet. 

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