This geometric cone sets off a bright bunch of blooms. Use our easy pattern to fold and crease this fun floral wrap. Plus, get more of our favorite bouquet ideas.


Ditch the crinkly cellophane on store-bought flowers! Our

printable template

makes it oh-so-easy to upscale a beautiful bouquet. Simply fold and tape heavy cardstock or poster board and add your favorite blooms.

Get the [button-pdf id="546260" title="free printable template. " /]

What You'll Need

  • Poster board
  • [button-pdf id="546244" title="Downloadable bouquet tags " /]
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

How to Make It

1. Place the template on the poster board and trace along the edges. Pick up the template and trace another outline directly next to the first, making sure the top and bottom curved edges match up. 

Get the [button-pdf id="546260" title="free printable template. " /]

2. Add a small tab to the outer edge of the outline, tracing a line about a 1/2 inch out from the pattern. This line will become the folding tab that holds the cone together.

3. Cut out the template. Fold the poster board along the template's dotted lines. Start with the leftmost line, folding it to the left; repeat with the remaining lines. You'll want the side you drew on to face inward.

4. Place double-sided tape on tab. Press tab to edge of opposite edge to seal.

5. Finish the cone by adding your favorite flowers and tying a sweet note to the bouquet. 

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