Throw a Sledding Party: Snow Day Ideas and Recipes

When the forecast calls for snow -- and lots of it -- gather some friends and family, bundle up, and spend the afternoon on the sledding hill. Afterward, warm up with some of our favorite comfort food recipes.

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    Sledding Party for Family & Friends

    If there's a lot of snow on the horizon, bundle up and head to the nearest hill -- it's time for a sledding party! Bring a few energizing snacks with you and warm up after your afternoon on the hill with tasty comfort food, great company, and a cozy fire indoors.

    Remember these crucial tips for staying safe on the sledding hill:

    -- Dress for the weather; don't skimp on clothing layers.
    -- Bring spare mittens, socks, and sweaters.
    -- Don't sled headfirst; sit up or lie down with your feet pointing downhill.
    -- Avoid sledding collisions by taking turns.
    -- Steer clear of rough-looking areas with little snow.

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    Warm-You-Up Winter Recipes

    These hearty winter recipes -- served before or after a few trips down the sledding hill -- are sure to keep everyone feeling warm and energized despite the cold weather.

    A fun mix of flavors -- lamb (you could substitute beef), mango nectar, and sweet peppers -- come together in these delicious quesadillas.

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    Homemade Hot Chocolate

    For the kids, pack insulated bottles of homemade hot chocolate to sip during a sledding break.

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    Cheese Fondue

    This classic warm and cheesy dip can be made in a half an hour and brought with you as a snack for hungry sledders.

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    Winter White Vegetable Soup

    A hearty combination of cauliflower, potatoes, turnips, and parsnips makes this soup hard to resist after spending a brisk winter afternoon outdoors.

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    Chicken Fricassee

    This thick, chunky stew with chicken, potatoes, and other veggies is a perfect recipe for a cool winter evening.

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    Fire-&-Ice Nut Mix

    Another bring-with-you snack for the afternoon, this tasty nut mix has a split personality -- the "fire" cashews get their flavor from cayenne pepper, soy sauce, and honey, and the "ice" pecans are sweet from maple syrup.

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    Chocolate-Cherry Bread Pudding

    This to-die-for dessert with warm chocolate, cherries, and kirsch is the perfect way to end a hearty winter feast.

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    Mitten Cookies

    These buttery almond cookies decorated with sugary mittens are guaranteed to satisfy any sledder with a sweet tooth.

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    Hot Apple Cider with Calvados

    Quench adult partygoers' thirst with a refreshing cider-and-tea combo spiked with calvados.

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    More Winter Activities

    Take a break from the sledding hill to have more snowy fun; get a group together to build a snowman (don't forget mittens and a scarf to complete Frosty's look) or have a snowball fight.

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