Pretty Tea Party Ideas and Recipes

The old-fashioned tea party gets a modern makeover with an elegant table, a simple menu, and an unfussy attitude. See how to brew up your own casual get-together.

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    Tea Party Spread

    A tea bar is an easy offering for a book club, a bridal or baby shower, or a girlfriend gathering. Set out a kettle plus to or three jars of loose tea and let guests steep their own. Round out the buffet with simple tea sandwiches, cozie-wrapped mugs, and a simple twig-and-flower display. Read on for all the details.

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    Tea Cozy Craft

    Easy-sew collars made from wool felt dress up cups at the tea party (and takout coffee cups later). Let each guest choose one to take home. Get the free pattern and instructions, below.

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    See How to Make the Tea Cozy Craft

    Watch as the tea cozy comes together in this quick video.

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    Tea Leaves in Jars

    Make the tea itself part of the decor. Dried tea leaves placed in glass jars with sweet labels make the mix-your-own mentality a social affair.

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    Tea Party Add-Ins

    Host a modern tea party with pretty dishes and tea mix-ins that make each brew all its own. Gather a few glass jars and fill with lemon slices, brown sugar, and honey.

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    Cucumber Burrata Sandwiches

    No tea party is complete without finger food! Sandwich radish and cucumber between crusts-off bread that's been spread with buttery Burrata cheese.

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    Bresaola and Truffle Butter Sandwich

    Dried Italian beef gives bite to these tea sandwiches. They're decadent, especially with the addition of truffle butter.

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    Chocolate Tea Bark

    Send guests home with a sweet reminder of tea time. Pack chocolate tea bark bars in parchment paper and kraft boxes for a tasty party favor.

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