Monogram Party

As long as you have someone to celebrate, our monogram party can work for almost any occasion. Start with their initials and favorite flower, and customize the party from there. We think it's perfect for a birthday party, graduation party, or a bridal shower.

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    Set Up a Simple Spread

    This party is as easy as it looks. Set up simple stations for snacks, drinks, gifts, and notes. Get cocktail and dessert pairings, recipes, and crafts how-tos in our free, party kit download.

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    Make Custom Party Cocktails

    Name the house cocktail after the guest of honor, and have a full pitcher waiting when guests arrive. We topped each Kelly Collins with fresh fruit skewers.

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    Make Melon Cutouts

    Add flair to the party cocktails with cute melon cutouts. Watch to learn how.

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    Serve a Sweet Party Dessert

    It's certainly not a birthday party without cake. Depending on the size of your party, you may want to supplement a layer cake with a batch of cupcakes. Arrange the desserts in tiers to save space on your table.

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    Garden of Good Wishes Party Centerpiece

    A centerpiece filled with the guest of honor's favorite flowers does double duty as a guest book. Print notecards using our pattern. Then, each guest can write a note and tuck it into the centerpiece with our easy-to-make wires.

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    Get the Look: Party Centerpiece

    You only need a few stems to make this gorgeous grass-and-flower centerpiece. Learn how with our video.

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    Use Flowers as Decoration Inspiration

    Base the party's color scheme on the guest of honor's favorite flowers. In this case, Shirley poppies (Papaver rhoeas) lend a warm, whimsical palette to our birthday party.

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