Host a Summer Party on a Budget

Grant Gibson
Look to fresh ingredients, easy-assemble party favors, and a simple color scheme to inspire your next summer party (on the cheap!).

Summer Party Display

Summer entertaining doesn't get easier than this. Use our free invitations, a few nifty wine wraps, and some of the freshest fruits and veggies of the season to inspire your next casual get-together.

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Free Printable Party Invitation

Set the tone for the party with a fresh and pretty invitation. Our free pattern (available, below), is ready for you to print or type your greeting and event details.

Cost: $6 for five invitation envelopes plus stamps

Party Door Welcome

Kick off the party door-side with a framed greeting. Repeat the look of the invitation by trimming the orange and mounting it on striped paper with text and borders drawn with markers. Frame the piece and tie it to the door with scrap ribbon for a welcome guests won't overlook.

Cost: $5 for frame

Summer entertaining should be fun and easy. Maxwell Ryan shares his three tips on how to avoid party mistakes.

Summer Party Mistakes!

Have you made these three mistakes at a summer soiree? Here's how to fix them!

Party Wine Labels

Fruity white wine is the star of any summer soire, and this wrap idea showcases the event's highlight. Simple peel off the label of a light (and inexpensive) summer bottle and replace it with our free disguise. Type or handwrite the name of your personal wine directly onto the label.

Cost: $5 per bottle of wine

Numbered Party Napkins

Skip the wine charms (we're going stemless, afterall). Instead help guests keep track of their drinks with numbered cocktail napkins. A set of letter stamps and inexpensive white cloth napkins do the trick.

Cost: $10 for stamps and napkins

Chopstick Bundles

Pretty up the night's utensils with a scrap of paper and twine. Our chopsticks were cheap and they'll incite dinner conversations as guests dig into their meal.

Cost: $3.50 for chopsticks

Custom Fortune Cookies

A pair of tweezers are all the gadgetry you need to make your own fortune cookies. Pull out the store-bought fortune and tuck in your own merry sentiment. Guests will love reading them aloud.

Cost: $5 for a pack of fortune cookies

Party Table Spread

Let the food be the focal point instead of a pricey centerpiece. Gorgeous still-leafy oranges and naturally pretty edamame delight both the eyes and tastebuds.

Cost: $10 for edamame and oranges

Party Host Grant Gibson

Frequent party host Grant Gibson offers his takes on the season's freshest produce and how to turn that into a fun summer party.

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