Fun Napkin-Folding Videos from Better Homes and Gardens

Start the party table-side with so-clever napkin folds. From napkins for the holidays (think Easter Bunny and Santa's hat shapes), to standard folds that work well for everyday celebrations, these step-by-step tutorials will turn your work into the center of the conversation.

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    Fold a Pocket Napkin

    One of the classic folding techniques -- create a napkin pocket for silverware and party favors.

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    Fold a Flatware Roll Napkin

    Hide flatware with an easy rolling technique.

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    Fold a Rose Napkin

    Pretty as a flower, this napkin-folding technique works as a sweet accent to a romantic table setting.

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    Fold a Lily Napkin

    This easy fold works great as an accent to the stemware at your table.

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    Fold a Baby Bootie Napkin

    You won't want to undo this so-sweet napkin fold that results in life-size baby booties.

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    Fold a Tree Napkin

    Perfect for Christmastime, this technique is simple and stands tall on your plate.

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    Fold a Santa Hat Napkin

    Give notice that St. Nick is coming with a napkin folded like his famous hat.

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    Fold a Bunny Napkin

    For spring occasions, this bunny napkin invites giggles. It also works great for kids’ events.

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    Fold a Clover Napkin

    We promise good luck when folding this clover napkin. Watch as we demonstrate!

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    Fold a Kite Napkin

    Get blown away by the ease of folding a kite napkin.

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    Fold a Turkey Napkin

    Before guests gobble up dinner, greet them with a turkey napkin.

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    Fold a Graduation Hat Napkin

    Hats off to the grad in your family! Celebrate their achievement with a cute folded napkin.

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    Fold a Father's Day Napkin

    Thank Dad for his dedication with a tie-inspired napkin.

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