Appetizer and Beverage Quantity Charts: How Much Do I Need?

How many guests will your appetizers serve? How much alcohol should you buy? Whether you're serving appetizers and cocktails for 10 or hosting an open-bar dinner party for 50, we'll ensure that you're set for supplies.

Get our free quantity checklists for quick reference. One is for an appetizer-based party (great when the party's for mingling), another is when appetizers are the opener in your dinner soiree. Plus, get our beverage chart to ensure that your bar is stocked for the night. Whether you're serving 10 or 50, we'll help you keep everyone satisfied without loading your refrigerator with leftovers.

Appetizer-Only Party Checklist

Appetizers Before Dinner Checklist

Beverage Quantity Guide

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  1. When selecting potion amounts the chat suggests a number per person. Does that number apply to the overall category or should there be that many pieces times the number of selections. i.e If the protien family suggests 3 selections with a 2 piece pp portion and you have 50 people, do you need 50 portions of meatballs and 50 portions of shrimp and 50 potions of cheese or 100 portions of each of the three selections?

    1. Portions not potions. Halloween is over.

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