Birthday traditions begin with that first birthday milestone. Start a birthday tradition you and your child can share every year. Create a birthday keepsake or plan a special birthday party activity that you'll both look forward to all year.

June 09, 2015
baby's First Birthday

Your child's first birthday party is as much for you and the family as it is for the birthday boy or girl. They won't remember the event, but you can make sure it's a party that's worth telling stories about. After all, you want to share the joy as your child grows.

No need for a massive party. Keep that 1-year celebration simple. Invite a small group of family and close friends. Too many people can be overwhelming for the birthday child, making it stressful for everyone.

Limit the length of the birthday party and, if possible, plan it for a time of day when your child tends to be the most social. Again, an exhausted child isn't fun for anyone. If the party gets to be too much, close friends and family will understand if you have to put the birthday star down for a nap.

Organize the party around a theme suited to a 1-year-old. Simple decor featuring toddler favorites, such as barnyard animals, music, bouncy balls, or teddy bears, works well.

This milestone deserves lots of pictures, especially the classic messy moment when your kid dives into his cake. And it's the perfect time to start birthday traditions.

Explore these great first birthday ideas for making your child's birthday party a family tradition that everyone loves.

Start a Tradition

first birthday party

First birthday party traditions start with simple ideas. Select an activity that is easy to achieve. To make it a tradition, you have to be willing to take time for the activity. It has to mean something to you, and it should grow with your child. 

Consider your childhood birthday parties. What do you remember? What do you wish you still had from those birthday celebrations? You might find a family tradition already exists. If it fits your situation, perhaps you need only carry it forward.

Maybe a family tradition needs a little update. For example, if your parents always measured your height against a doorframe on your birthday, you may want to do something similar. But what if you're not sure you'll stay in that home until your child is grown? Don't lose the markings. Instead of a doorframe, make a mobile growth chart. Attach a long square dowel to a base so it can stand alone. Paint the dowel in bright birthday colors. Now it's easy to mark your child's height each year, and the growth chart can move with you.

Explore these easy ideas for traditions that can start with your child's first birthday and continue to grow as they do.

  • Design a banner. Make a "Happy Birthday" banner from paper or fabric. Customize it with icons that have meaning for your child: his birth date, a first picture, and stickers or cutouts of favorite things, for example. Laminate it so you can use it every year. Extend the tradition by adding something new to the banner each year. The banner will tell a story that marks the ways your child grows.
  • Photograph your child star. Take an annual picture of your child wearing a special birthday hat or crown. Create a photo book for only these pictures. Or set up a Birthday Hall of Fame, and make an annual event of hanging the next birthday picture on a special wall in your home.
  • Start a yearly birthday invitation. Put your child's cute face on the party invitation. For her first birthday, have her hold a sign that says "It's my 1st birthday." As your child grows, style that year's image to suit the party theme or your child's current interests. For example, if the birthday boy is a cowboy fan, take the picture with him dressed in a cowboy hat and a red bandanna.
  • Put your baby in a birthday outfit. Decorate a simple one-piece T-shirt with stamped-on letters and your child's handprint in paint. Design a new T-shirt each year.

Create a Birthday Keepsake

photo album

Your child's first birthday is a memory you'll never forget. Keep a little piece of it by designing a keepsake that lasts through the years.

These ideas are easy to accomplish and can be adapted to suit your time constraints and artistic skills. The point is to create something you can look back on to reclaim the feelings from your child's first birthday. They're little memory devices you can use to kick off your favorite birthday stories.

These birthday keepsake projects are ideal for your child's first birthday.

  • Make a birthday card memory. Set up a crafting table at the birthday party. Ask each guest to decorate a card for your baby's future birthdays. Every year, she can open a card that was made at her first party. Save the cards in a photo box, file, or scrapbook.
  • Create a tablecloth keepsake. Ask guests to use fabric markers to write birthday wishes to your child on his or her first birthday. If you'd like, start with a small round or square cloth for birthday wishes. Each year, add a strip of cloth around the perimeter to make room for that year's wishes. Label each strip with the year.
  • Design a birthday collage. Gather memorabilia to create a memory collage of your child's year. Mark milestones, such as first steps or a first haircut, with images or icons and dates. Use programs and tickets from events, pictures from magazines or catalogs, appointment cards, photographs, stickers, and other knickknacks to depict your child's year in images. Embellish with markers, glitter pens, charms, and small accessories. Frame it and display it during the birthday party. Afterward, hang the collage in a place of honor.
  • Write a birthday book. Celebrate your child's first year with a book of stories and pictures. Keep it simple with a basic photo essay, or go all out with stories, photos, and mementos gathered in a fancy cover. Many online photo sites offer a service like this if you want a professional look.
  • Start a birthday box. Create a time capsule that grows each year. Decorate a plain box with a lid with your child's name and birth date. Make the box big enough to hold lots of treasures, or start with a small box for your child's first birthday and make a new box each year. Embellish the box with birthday wishes in bright colors. For your child's first birthday, place a current photo and a special item to commemorate the year in the birthday box. It could be a small toy, a letter, a video, a lock of hair, or whatever item captures the year's story.


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