Colorful Outdoor Party Decor

Pops of color all around! Make your own colorful party decor, from art to garlands to chandeliers.

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    Painted Pallet

    Go big! This painted pallet is sure to be a conversation piece at any backyard party. Check for free pallets at your local home improvement stores. While you're there, choose fun paint colors for your new backyard decor, then get to work using our pattern!

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    DIY Flower Chandelier

    Grocery store flowers transform into an easy, breezy, boho-chic chandelier. If you are hosting on a breezy day, the scent of flowers will waft through your party. This chandelier is perfect to display from a large tree or from the center of a gazebo or covered patio.

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    Colorful Felt Napkin Rings

    Who says your table linens have to match? No-sew felt napkin rings are fun, mismatched, and add a pop of color to each place setting. We used coordinating jewel tones, but do whatever looks right at your party. Choose colors that complement your dinnerware. 


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    Flowerpot Wall Art

    This project brings a whole new meaning to wall art! Spray-paint nine terra-cotta pots in bright colors. and suspend from a fence using pot hangers. Fill with annuals or herbs that match your party's colors!

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    Paper Medallions

    Look for opportunities for colorful decor high and low—literally! These hanging paper medallions are customizable, so choose any color you like. Think of how pretty your party colors will look swaying gently in the breeze!

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    Painted Striped Tray

    Colorful decor doesn't have to be over the top. This tray keeps it simple with bold, bright stripes that add a little life to plain old metal. 

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    DIY Outdoor Bird Artwork

    Artwork isn't just for displaying indoors. Here, brightly colored bird-theme pieces (that you can make yourself!) hang from a wooden fence for a fun outdoor party accent. Print our free templates, available below, and enlarge to the desired size. Trace onto plywood squares (we used 24-inch squares). Paint each piece according to your outdoor party color scheme using exterior-grade paint. Once dry, apply two coats of sealer so the artwork can last all season.

    Editor's Tip: Use striped paper for a few of the birds to make them stand out. Cut out the shape using the template, adhere the bird using glue, then apply sealer as directed above.

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    Ombre Tablecloth

    We used an ombre technique to take this basic tablecloth to the next level. If you prefer the natural look of your outdoor table to that of a tablecloth, you can give the ombre treatment to napkins or table runners, too.

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    Outdoor Party Lights

    Add enchanting ambience and a soft glow to any outdoor party with string lanterns. Hang them in the trees, from a fence or garden trellis, and around the perimeter of a gazebo roof. Choose neutral string lanterns that won't clash with other outdoor party decorations so you can keep them up all season. 


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    Nautical-Inspired Deck Decorations

    Create a simple nautical-inspired theme for your backyard party with tall shutters and painted wooden paddles. Complete the look with an outdoor rug, throw pillows, and a multicolor tablecloth.

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    Colorful Cork Trivet

    Here is a bright way to add a color pop to your tabletop! Colorful halved corks form a trivet—perfect for holding a vase or a tasty treat that you're dishing up for your guests.

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    Rubber cement acts as a sort of painters tape to create a lovely dotted pattern. The pattern goes on first, then add bright blue everywhere else. Let this bold and bright vase be your party centerpiece.

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    Ice Cream Piñata

    We all scream for ice cream! Make a kid party complete with a festive piñata. Check out how to go from a cardboard box to a party must-have!

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    DIY Ring Toss Game

    Even the games have a pop of party color! Bonus: This DIY game can be pulled out of storage for years to come for birthday parties, tailgates, and backyard barbecues.

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    Colorful Yarn Garland

    Fun with fringe! Use yarn to create bold colors that fly high at your outdoor party—and to lead guests to the snack table!

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