Host a Bright Blue and Yellow Birthday Party

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Our new favorite party theme? Color! Go bold and bright with this cheery DIY party spread. We're sharing easy ideas for handcrafted decor, party favors, and more! Plus, get our tips for transforming basic party supplies into coordinated (and inexpensive) decor. From gifts to glasses, this party pops!

Bold and Bright Birthday

Set the scene for a cheery birthday party complete with DIY decor and colorful treats. Plus get easy ideas for the ultimate party favors --  a choose-your-own-candy bar. 

Bold Banner

Draw guests to the buffet table with a bright DIY "hooray" banner. Drape it against a white tablecloth for maximum impact. 

Cute Cake Toppers

Top your cake with adorable DIY mini flags and ribbon banners. For the flag topper, simply wrap washi tape around a skewer and trim ends. To create the banner, tie ribbon and yarn to two skewers. Leave the long tassel ends. 

Delicious Display

Draw guests to dessert the second they walk into the party. A colorful streamer backdrop and cheerful message ensure that cutting the cake is an Insta-worthy moment. 

DIY Cups

Create signature drinkware with white paper cups and washi tape. Try a mix of colors and patterns applied in vertical stripes. 

Embellished Tablecloth

Transform a plain tablecloth with just a few swipes of paint. Stick to the color scheme 

Party Favors

Send your guests home with something sweet. Embellish basic muslin bags with pretty ribbons, and let each person fill one full of colorful candies. We love the look (and taste!) of rock candy, mints, and retro favorites. 

Do It Yourself Tassels

Create a festive garland or balloon weight with these frilly crepe paper tassels. To create, simply fold a 5×20-inch piece of tissue paper in half so it is 5×10 inches. Opposite the fold, cut every ½ inch to within about 1½ inches of the fold. Unfold the paper and lay it flat. Loosely roll the paper so the cuts are at both ends. Tightly twist the uncut middle into a loop, and secure it with hot glue.

Confetti Balloons

Add pop to clear balloons with a handful of colorful confetti. Use a funnel to insert confetti-size bits of tissue paper into balloons before filling them with helium.

Gorgeous Gifts

These presents are ready to party. Coordinate your gifts with easy DIY wrapping. Simply wrap gifts in plain colored paper. Then wrap patterned crepe paper or wrapping paper around the gifts.

DIY Party Hats

Handcrafted party hats put everyone in the spirit. Print the template on cardstock. Use spray adhesive to glue wrapping paper to the cardstock. Cut out the pattern and assemble. Glue a length of ribbon to each side for ties. To make the pom for the top, cut tissue paper into a 2×6-inch strip. Cut fringe along both of the long sides of the paper, leaving about ¼-inch uncut in the center. Bunch together and tie with a thin wire. Secure pom to top of hat with glue.

Get the Party Hat template!

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