Party creatively with an afternoon of painting, snacking, and cocktails. A painting party is the perfect excuse to get together with friends and try something new. Bonus: It's so easy to plan and host. So gather some brushes, snacks, and your best lady friends for a masterpiece of a party.


Plan the Party

Purchase tabletop easels for the party at a crafts store.

This party is as simple as gathering a few art supplies and some snacks. Click here for the full party kit. Here's what else you'll need:

  • A still life set up in the center of a round table, or a couple of arrangements down a long table. Use fruits or flowers for a traditional look, but almost anything will work as a subject -- bottles, eggs, glasses, shells, and more. Keep in mind that simple shapes are easiest for beginners.
  • A set of inexpensive watercolors, brushes, and three to five sheets of watercolor paper for each guest.

Party Menu

Mix up pitchers of party cocktails so guests can serve themselves.

Your artists need nourishment. Our

free party kit

offers a full menu of bite-size appetizer recipes, like mini grilled cheese sandwiches and picadillo poppers.

For your party cocktail, we give you the Lemon Artini! (Get the recipe here.) It's smart to offer some nonalcoholic beverages, too -- we suggest one of our fun mocktails.

Art Party Tip: Purchase a couple of extra paint palettes to use as serving trays for your party appetizers.

Party Tips

Splatter paint on a drop cloth for an easy party backdrop.

Use these final tips to host and plan your party without a hitch.

  1. Instruct guests to wear clothes that can get dirty, and/or provide aprons they can take home.
  2. Clear off a table or countertop as a drying station for finished work.
  3. Offer a few drawing supplies, such as ink pens and colored pencils, so guests can try something new.


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