Apple-Theme Fall Party

Celebrate the changing leaves and crisp days of fall with our easy-as-pie party theme: apples! With easy party ideas, like a trip to the orchard and an apple-inspired menu, all you need to do is relax and enjoy fall's goodness.

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    Party Food: Apple Pie Pops

    Everyone loves apple pie, so why not give each guest their own? Our pie pops are as delicious as they are cute, especially in fall-perfect maple leaf shapes.

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    Party Food: Feta Crostini with Tomato, Bacon, and Apple Jam

    Complete with a sweet apple jam, salty feta, and crispy bacon, these crispy crostinis are prime party-starters.

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    Party Food: Pork Sandwich with Tarragon-Apple Slaw

    Juicy fried pork gets a fall-inspired twist with the help of tarragon-tossed apple slaw. These crispy, fried sandwiches make the perfect main dish for your orchard party.

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    Party Food: Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

    Add another fall flavor into the mix with our nutty butternut squash macaroni and cheese recipe. The favorite fall vegetable ups the creamy factor and adds vitamins to this fall comfort food. Serve small scoops as a side, or offer the casserole as a main dish option.

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    Party Drinks: Cider Bar

    Set a table with a mix of hard ciders and a tray of glasses so guests can help themselves. For the kids, we recommend warm apple cider and lemonade.

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    Party Activity: Make Caramel Apples

    Our favorite thing about fall? Caramel apples! In just a few steps, you and your guests can be snacking on the season’s favorite treat, or you can make a batch before the party to send home as party favors.

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    Party Activity: Trip to the Orchard

    Invite friends for a trip to the apple orchard followed by drinks and dinner at your home. Most orchards offer extended hours during picking season, which lasts through October.

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    Party Activity: Apple Sack Races

    Plan some fun for kids (and adults) with simple sack races. You can find plain potato sacks at online crafts stores and decorate them with felt. We stitched oversize apples to the bags for party-theme fun.

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    Party Decor: Tablecloth Weights

    Weigh down your tablecloth with sweet and easy apple decorations. Cut two pieces of twine, each about 20 inches longer than the sides of your table. Pierce through each apple with an awl, and tie them on the ends of the twine. The extra length allows the apples to hang over the table's edges.

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    Party Decor: Easy Utensil Jars

    DIY utensil jars make your party that much easier to organize, and trust us, they’re so easy. Attach circles of cork to glasses with double-stick tape. Then pin a printed or drawn label to the cork to indicate what flatware goes where.

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    Party Decor: Fall Bouquet

    Arrange a showstopping fall bouquet with sumptuous red dahlias and fresh apples. Poke awls or twigs into the apples and place them among the flowers.

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    Party Favor: Apple Totes

    Use red brads, photo corners, and stamped pages to make orchard-ready apple totes for guests to keep. You also could decorate the bags with greeting cards or photos.

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