Give your favorite wine-loving hostess this simple hand-painted towel. Our free printable makes this DIY gift fast and easy.

September 18, 2018
handmade tea towel and tag on wine bottle

Looking for something as a thank you for your favorite wine-loving hostess that isn't a bottle? Try this simple DIY hand-painted towel, made with our free downloadable stencil. All you need is a plain cotton tea towel (or two) and acrylic paint. And maybe a bottle of wine — to share, of course.

  • Working time 15 mins
  • Start to finish 2 hrs
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

unfolding white napkin to reveal blue paper
Step 1

Prep and Print

To start this DIY gift, purchase a solid color cotton tea towel; if you plan to make more than one, look for a set of multiple towels to save money. Before you begin painting, throw the towels into the washer and let them dry. Cover your painting space with a tarp or newspaper to protect the surface. Lay out your towel and decide where the image should go. Then, place a piece of heavy cardstock or cardboard between the towel layers to protect from bleeding paint; there should only be one layer of towel over the cardstock. Next, download and print the stencil. Because it's free, you can print as many as you need! If you make more than one towel, we recommend using a new stencil each time to avoid transferring unwanted paint marks.

Get the free stencil
charming hostess gift with paint DIY grapes woman's hands
painted stencil design with grapes and blue paper
Step 2

Paint Design

To paint the stencil, you'll need to cut out the shapes; we used an xacto knife for this step. Use a foam brush and permanent fabric paint to fill in the stencil shapes. Remember to dab with the foam brush instead of using paint strokes. Dabbing keeps the paint inside the template, while strokes will sneak the paint under the edges, which will result in oddly-shaped grapes. We used purple paint for the grapes and green paint for the leaves, but you can experiment with green grapes and multi-colored bunches. Once you're finished, leave the towel to dry according to the fabric paint's directions.

diy hand painted thank you note and hostess napkin with grapes
Step 3

Tie a Tag

Once dry, gather a section of the towel about a third of the way down. Wrap string around the gathered area and tie on the thank-you tag. You could also use colored ribbon, twine, or yarn. Use the string to attach the towel to a bottle of wine for your host. We can't wait to give this gorgeous homemade gift!


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