Fun Birthday Party Favors for Kids

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Send your guests home with super simple and adorable birthday party favors that will remind them of the party long after it's over. Our DIY kid's party favors are easy to make and personalize to suit your child's birthday wishes.

Green Slime Party Favor

This playful party favor starts with homemade green slime. Package up the playful goo in glass jars and finish with our free printable tags. The bug slime is easy to make and can be customized with any color you like! 

Watermelon Party Favors

Send the kids home with something sweet. These adorable watermelon party favor tags are "one-in-a-melon." Fill a clear bag with fruity candies, add our free printable tag, and you're done! 

Polka-Dot Goody Bag

This playful bag holds special treats for kids to take home at the end of the party. Buy small favor bags at a party supply store, or craft your own by stitching together fabric scraps. Embellish the bags using ribbon, rickrack, lace, novelty trims, small charms, paper tags, or whatever suits your party's theme. Fill the bags with candy and small toys, such as playing cards, miniature puzzles, chewing gum, or toy cars. Tie the bag with a bright ribbon.

Paint Palette Party Favor

Calling all budding artists! Got a Picasso in the making? This kid's birthday party favor is as easy as taping a printed label to purchased paint palettes. Use patterned washi tape to secure the label for a pop of color. Look for inexpensive paint palettes online or at party supply stores. 

To-Go S'mores Kits

Perfect for a summer birthday party, these individual s'mores kits are assembled in berry baskets. Line each with a patterned napkin and fill with the essentials: graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. This party favor is easy and delicious! 

Cotton Candy Party Favor

When planning a kid's birthday party, sometimes keeping it simple is best. Purchased cotton candy becomes a fun DIY party favor when packaged in clear bags and finished with our free printable. Hosting a summer party? Stuff the cotton candy in ice cream cones for a cute treat that won't melt! 

Thank-You Lollipop Favor

This favor is a gift that keeps on giving—at least until the lollipop is gone. Layer a lollipop between two circular paper cutouts. Staple them together so the lollipop stays in place. Decorate the lollipop covers with layered cutouts in theme-appropriate shapes and colors, bright embellishments, and a tag with a handwritten thank-you message. Place the lollipops in a basket by the door so guests can grab a sweet treat on the way out.

Snack Mix Party Favor

Craft tiny baskets using layered cupcake liners in colors that coordinate with your party theme. Tie a thin string around the bottom liner, or carefully sew through the layers to keep the liners from spreading. Use string or chenille stems as handles. Fill the baskets with trail mix, snack mix, dried fruit, small candies, or other treats.

Editor's Tip: Large nut cups in birthday patterns and colors would also work well as the base for these mini baskets. Nut cups and cupcake liners come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. Check out craft supply stores, cake decorating supply stores, and online retailers for options.

Fin-Tastic Party Favors

There's nothing scary about this shark-theme party favor! Celebrate an underwater adventure with our printable gift tags and a bag of ocean-inspired treats like fish-shape crackers, gummies, and jelly beans. 

DIY Snack Cone Party Favors

Everyone loves snack mix—especially kids! Send them home with snacks in a fun paper cone. We're sharing a free pattern for easy folding. Look for patterned paper that fits your birthday party theme. 

DIY Candy Trophies

At this party, everyone's a winner! Perfect for a game night or sports-theme birthday party, these candy-filled trophies couldn't be cuter. Learn how to make them and get our free printable tags. 

DIY Noisemakers

Bring the noise! These fun DIY party favors are simple to assemble and fun for kids to play with! Made with simple craft supplies and just as loud as store-bought versions, these handmade birthday party favors are sure to bring the celebration. 

Retro Candy Snack Bags

Let them be kids in a candy store! Let each party guest fill a small muslin bag with an assortment of candies. Choose a variety of favorites like chocolate, mints, and rock candy. Customize the bags to fit the party theme by gluing on colorful ribbon.

Ice Pop Party Favor

Cool off a kid's summer party with these adorable ice pop printables. Attach them to fruity ice pops for a fun party favor that doubles as a sweet treat. Or look for ice pop candies that won't melt! 

DIY Confetti Poppers

Get the party poppin'. These DIY confetti balloons are easy to assemble and perfect for adding a little extra pizazz to your birthday party. Have the kids launch them outside to keep the cleanup easy. 

Caramel Apple Party Favors

Caramel apples are always a kiddie-crowd favorite. Bring out the giggles by giving the apples silly expressions. To make, cut the facial features from fondant and stick onto prepared caramel apples. Wrap the finished apple faces in clear treat bags and tie with a color-coordinated ribbon to send home.

Fun Photo Booth Pictures

A quick snap is all it takes to send kids home with a fun memory. Set up a DIY photobooth in your home, complete with poster board props like clouds and balloons. Use an instant film camera to capture all the lively moments during the party. 

Pool Party Favors

Make a splash with these printable party favor tags! Attach them to purchased goggles or pool toys for a fun gift that's perfect for summer. 

Domino Goody Bags

Entertain your guests all the way home with domino-theme goody bags. Glue black paper circles to small gift bags in the pattern of domino tiles; use a black marker to draw the dividing line between the domino halves. Carry through the game theme by filling the decorated bags with travel-size games, playing cards, mini puzzles, novelty pencils and puzzle books, or other favors that match your party atmosphere. Use the domino bags as fun carry-home totes for all your guests' party treats.

Bulk Candy Party Favors

Hit up the bulk bin for this sweet DIY party favor! Set out decorated paper bags and let each kid fill their own. Look for colorful candies that fit your party theme. Try adding other small snacks like popcorn, crackers, and cereal.

Picture Frame Bling

Make memories at the party with personalized frames for party pictures or other special memories. Give each guest a basic picture frame. Provide glue and a colorful selection of sparkly jewels, feathers, ribbons, beads, scrapbooking charms, and glitter glue. Let the fun and laughter fill the air as the guests create their own masterpieces to take home.

Editor's Tip: Make sure guests always remember the birthday party. Tuck a copy of the party invitation behind the frame glass, or use scrapbooking supplies to make a tag for guests to attach to each frame. For a simpler approach, print the party details on a sticker to attach to the back of the frame.

Decorated Monograms

Part party activity and part take-home favor, these decorated monograms start out as plain wooden letters. Set out dishes of craft supplies like sequins, pom-poms, paper, and feathers. Let each child decorate their own letter. 

Travel Birthday Party Favor

When travel, exploration, geography, or even pirates is the birthday party theme, this clip-on compass makes a useful and fun party favor. Attach the compass, available at party supply stores, discount stores, and online retailers, to cardstock printed with a map, and add a personal message from your child. Rather than wait until the end of the party to present the take-home gifts, you might want to distribute them at the beginning. Use the compasses for party games. For example, give teams of guests treasure maps with directions such as "Walk 10 paces west. Walk 20 paces north." If they follow them correctly, the directions should lead to a treasure you've hidden.

Sweet Treat Party Favor

Send guests home with a treat they can make in their own kitchen. Mini Butterfingers are the base of this ice cream treat; get our free recipe card to make a cute package gift.

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