Birthday Party Activities

These kid-tested activities are easy to prepare and sure to be the hit of the party.

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    Autograph Shoes

    Friends' names look really neat -- especially when they're on your feet!

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    Fancy Flowerpot

    Make a cheery decoration that is as colorful as a flower from the garden.

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    Walk-Around Rug

    Take off your shoes and socks, and have fun squashing paint between your toes!

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    Fingerprint Frame

    Give your personal touch to picture mats by making itty-bitty fingerprint bugs with paint.

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    Beach Flip-Flops

    Feel like a princess at the beach or at the pool with these fancy sandals on your feet.

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    Pom-Pom Pretties

    Like colors on a color wheel, this hat and scarf set is splashed with all the colors of a rainbow.

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    Slitherin' Flowerpots

    Coil these painted bug-eyed snakes around your plants for a hissing good time.

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    Let the Games Begin!

    Set up an Olympian obstacle course with a few items you can find around the house.

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