Handmade Birthday Cards

Dress up a simple birthday card with these adorable and easy handmade tips.

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    Paper Candles Card

    This homemade birthday card is bright, fun, and so easy to make! To get the look, cut thin strips of bright or patterned cardstock and use glue to attach them to the front of a blank card. Add 'flames' made from glitter paper to finish off this fun birthday card. 

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    Birthday Balloon

    Make an easy DIY birthday card with just a few pieces of paper. Start with a blank greeting card (or make your own from folded cardstock) and use glue or double-stick tape to attach a balloon shape cut from bright paper. Add a sweet message to the balloon, and pop this cute card in an envelope!

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    Paper Present Card

    This colorful paper package makes the cutest homemade birthday card! Start with a patterned greeting card and attach a paper rectangle to the top of the card to give your card the look of a birthday gift. Wrap a ribbon around the front of the card and finish off the card with a bow.

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    DIY Unicorn Card

    We're obsessed with this DIY unicorn birthday card—and it's so easy to make! Make three felt flowers and a few leaves from different colors of felt, then cut a unicorn horn and ears from glitter paper. Glue the horn and ears to the front of the card, then arrange the felt flowers and leaves and use hot glue to attach them to the base of the paper shape. Add black eye shapes with marker or pen to finish this pretty birthday card.

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    Patterned Paper Gift Card

    We love this adorable paper birthday gift card—and it's so easy to put together! Cut a square shape from patterned paper and use twine or string to add the look of ribbons on a package. Once your paper package is complete, use glue or double-stick tape to attach it to the front of a blank card.

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    Number Cut-Out Card

    A number cut-out card makes a simple and easy homemade birthday card. Start with a blank greeting card in a solid color and cut a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller than the front of the card. Use a die-cut machine, crafts knife, or craft scissors to cut a number from the piece of patterned paper. Remove the cut out number and glue the patterned paper outline to the front of the card.

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    Handwritten Birthday Message

    We love this easy DIY birthday card because it's fast and easy to make. Start with a plain greeting card and use glue or double-stick tape to attach a paper banner to the front. Use a marker or pen to add a 'happy birthday' message, and pop the card in an envelope. 

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    With its fuzzy orange mane, this lion has what it takes to wish someone a wild birthday. Cut the lion's head, nose, ears, and mouth from scraps. Glue a faux-fur mane to the back of the card. Adhere the face on top; complete the lion with two brown brads for the eyes.

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    Hand-Stitched Flower Card

    The patterns in some decorative papers make excellent stitching guides. Pierce holes along the outlines of the pattern. Hand-stitch with embroidery floss.

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    Clever Birthday Card

    Eyelets can secure movable elements on a card. A starry eyelet acts as a spinner on this clever birthday card. Top card stock with patterned paper. Layer circles cut just slightly smaller than the last one and end with a chipboard arrow attached with an eyelet. Letter stickers can spell your message.

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    Metal Accents for Cards

    Purchase theme sets of lightweight metal accents made to work with brads. The brads allow for easy attaching to any card. Form a pocket on textured card stock by attaching a piece of striped paper. Add a scalloped edge piece to the top and a narrow yellow strip to the bottom using small brads. Print your message oncard stock and insert into the pocket.

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    Photo and Quote Card

    Trim decorative paper scraps into squares and round the corners. Place them in a grid. Include a photo and quote for a personal touch. Adhere to folded card stock.

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    Birthday Cake Card

    Large letters decorate this card. Layer squares of card stock on top of each other. Write a message along the perimeter of the small square. Create a cake by layering three pieces of yellow card stock and tearing and curling the top edges. Cut candles out of textured card stock and embellish with ink. Add buttons to the corners.

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    Cute Owl Card

    A pink branch and glittered letters give this birthday card a girlish touch. Chalking the branches, leaves, and bubble helps define the edges. To amp up the chipboard glitter letters, place cardstock in the open spaces.

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    Sweet Daisies

    A sparkly chipboard flower is the perfect addition to this birthday card. The shimmer adds just a touch of shine and doesn't come off on the rest of the card. The red paper border adds a pop of color and picks up the accent color in the patterned paper.

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    Butterfly Style

    This card gets a dose of springtime with stamped, embellished butterflies. Stamp the image with paint and then sprinkle on glitter before it dries. To add movement to the card, create a fluttering path with a paper piecer.

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    Party Hat

    Tissue-paper scraps burst with color and texture at the top and bottom of this hat. Attach the party hat on a circle background and stitch around the edge for added interest. Finish the card with a message handwritten on strips of white paper.

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    Friendly, Fuzzy Fish

    For a playful birthday card, cut out a cute fish from velvet art paper for the main accent on this fantastic little card. Add extra oomph with gems and sequins for embellishment.

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    Purse Shape Card

    A purse-shape card works perfectly to carry a special birthday note. Cut two identical pieces of paper into a trapezoid. With decorative sides out, adhere the two pieces together at the sides and bottom. Punch holes at the top to string through a ribbon handle. Decorate with text, a monogram, and a flower. Slip a handwritten note inside.

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    Make Your Own Pattern

    Repeatedly stamp an image on cardstock to create your own patterned paper. Stamp in multiple colors to add layered interest. To add more oomph, punch shapes from some of the stamped papers.

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    Luck Be a Lady

    Flowers for eyes and patterned-paper circles for spots create a fun effect on this pieced ladybug. Instead of folding, cut the card in half and sew the pieces together at one edge. Make a second row of stitches for extra durability. To finish the card, stamp the greeting on a white paper strip.

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    Cute Accents

    Wish someone an out-of-this-world birthday with this awesome alien card. Combine grid paper, stars, and piecings to give the greeting a space-age feel, and stitch around the edges to complete the look. A hardware-store spring and mismatched googly eyes are the secrets behind the alien's bobble head.

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    CD Sleeve

    For a personalized twist on this birthday card, use a computer to record your own rendition of "Happy Birthday." Then burn it onto a cute mini CD. Make a pocket card using brown cardstock, patterned vellum, and white paper; tuck the unique gift inside.

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