19 DIY Birthday Card Ideas That Show How Much You Care

blue card with candles

Celebrate their special day with a birthday card created just for them! You can make a birthday card at home with supplies you probably already have in your craft room, or order a custom birthday card online. A personalized birthday card will let them know just how much you appreciate them.

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Paper Candles Card

blue card with candles

This homemade birthday card is bright, fun, and so easy to make! To get the look, cut thin strips of bright or patterned cardstock and use glue to attach them to the front of a blank card. Add 'flames' made from glitter paper ($2, Michaels) to finish off this fun birthday card.

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Birthday Balloon Card

happy birthday card with teal balloon

Make an easy DIY birthday card with just a few pieces of paper. Start with a blank greeting card (or make your own from folded cardstock) and use glue or double-stick tape to attach a balloon shape cut from bright paper. Add a sweet message to the balloon, and pop this cute card in an envelope!

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DIY Unicorn Card

unicorn card with felt flowers

We're obsessed with how cute this DIY unicorn birthday card is. Plus, it's so easy to make. Make three felt flowers and a few leaves from different colors of felt, then cut a unicorn horn and ears from glitter paper. Glue the horn and ears to the front of the card, then arrange the felt flowers and leaves and use hot glue to attach them to the base of the paper shape. Add black eye shapes with a marker or pen to finish this pretty birthday card.

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Paper Present Card

present birthday card
Marty Baldwin

This colorful paper package makes the cutest homemade birthday card! Start with a patterned greeting card and attach a paper rectangle to the top of the card to give your card the look of a birthday gift. Wrap a striped ribbon ($5, Michaels) around the front of the card and finish off the card with a bow.

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Photo Birthday Card

shutterfly photo birthday card
Courtesy of Shutterfly

If making a birthday card with scissors and glue isn't your thing, make your own photo birthday card from Shutterfly instead. All you have to do is upload your favorite photo of the birthday person and add a customized greeting. Keep in mind that the card will ship to you, and you'll have to mail it to your recipient, so order a few weeks ahead of time.

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Patterned Paper Gift Card

grey card with present accent

You can customize this homemade birthday card with any colors you'd like. Cut a square shape from patterned paper and use twine or string to add the look of ribbons on a package. Once your paper package is complete, use glue or double-stick tape ($4, Target) to attach it to the front of a blank card.

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Number Cut-Out Card

navy age cutout birthday card
Adam Albright

A number cut-out card makes a simple and easy homemade birthday card. Start with a blank greeting card in a solid color and cut a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller than the front of the card. Use a die-cut machine, crafts knife, or craft scissors to cut a number from the piece of patterned paper ($3, Etsy). Remove the cut-out number and glue the patterned paper outline to the front of the card.

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Customized Birthday Card

zazzle birthday card
Courtesy of Zazzle

This personalized birthday card from Zazzle is so easy to make, and the birthday person will love receiving a card printed with their name. This 5x7-inch gold and pink striped card comes with a white envelope and costs $4, which is cheaper than some grocery store greeting cards!

Buy It: Stripes Personalized Birthday Card ($4, Zazzle)

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Handwritten Birthday Card

happy birthday card

Your homemade birthday card doesn't have to be complicated to be cute. Start with a plain greeting card and use glue or double-stick tape to attach a paper banner to the front. Use a marker or pen to add a 'happy birthday' message, and pop the card in an envelope.

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Floral Name Card

floral paper card
Courtesy of Etsy / ThePaperRosesCo

This gorgeous floral card is prettier than anything you'll find in the card aisle, and it can be personalized with any name you like. Choose from a pink or blue background and customize it with any name, up to 15 characters. It ships from the United Kingdom, so you'll want to order this well ahead of time.

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You Are Loved Card

Mother's day card

This sweet homemade card will let the birthday girl or guy know just how much you care about them. Plus, our free printable makes it so easy! Simply print, cut, and glue the design onto a blank greeting card and embellish with stickers or jewels.

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Birthday Tassel Card

paper tassel card
Carson Downing

Transform a plain greeting card into a sweet birthday surprise with a handmade tassel. To make the tassel, cut long strips of colorful tissue paper and fold them in half to create the tassel, then tie off the top with a thin ribbon or thread. Use a small hole punch to add a hole in the top right corner of your card and thread the tassel through it.

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Illustrated Birthday Card

illustrated birthday card
Courtesy of Etsy / Socialholic

For a truly one-of-a-kind birthday surprise, order this customizable card from Etsy. You can choose just about everything, so that the front of the card looks exactly like you and your bestie, sister, or mom. Specify the skin tone, clothing, accessories, and hair styles for each person pictured, and you can even add their age in balloons along with their name.

Buy It: Personalized Birthday Card ($6, Etsy)

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Dad's Birthday Card

Father's Day greeting card love you dancing in public
Carson Downing

Celebrate Dad's birthday with a homemade card that lets him know you always appreciate him—even when he starts dancing in public. To make this card, just print and cut our free printable design and use glue, photo stickers, or double-sided tape to attach it to the front of a blank greeting card.

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Personalized Photo Card

shutterfly birthday card
Courtesy of Shutterfly

This DIY photo card will work for anyone, and it's so easy to create. Simply drop in your favorite photo of the birthday person, type in their name, and add to cart. Plus, the card is only $2! Consider ordering all your birthday cards for the year at once.

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Hand-Stitched Flower Card

Pink card with hand-stitched flowers
Dean Tanner

The patterns in some decorative papers make excellent stitching guides. Pierce holes along with the outlines of the pattern. Hand-stitch with embroidery floss. Then attach the stitched paper to a blank greeting card with glue or double-sided tape for the ultimate handmade birthday card.

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Metal Accents for Homemade Birthday Cards

Multicolor invitation with metal horse accent
Greg Scheidemann

Purchase theme sets of lightweight metal accents made to work with brads. The brads allow for easy attaching to any card. Form a pocket on textured card stock by attaching a piece of striped paper. Add a scalloped edge piece to the top and a narrow yellow strip to the bottom using small brads. Print your message oncard stock and insert into the pocket.

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Floral Birthday Card

teal and red daisy birthday card
Cameron Sadeghpour

A sparkly chipboard flower is a perfect addition to this homemade birthday card. The shimmer adds just a touch of shine and doesn't come off on the rest of the card. Start with patterned paper on a blank greeting card. Layer two squares of solid color paper and then attach the chipboard flower.

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Make Your Own Pattern

flower birthday card
Jay Wilde

Repeatedly stamp an image on cardstock to create your own patterned paper. Stamp in multiple colors to add layered interest. To add more oomph, punch shapes from some of the stamped papers. Unleash your creativity and design a homemade birthday card that reflects your own style.

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