Sweet Sixteen Birthday Crafts

Celebrate in style with a Parisian-influenced sweet 16 party created from scrapbooking supplies.

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    Parisian Birthday Party

    Pink, white, and black accents, as well as elegant Parisian embellishments, are the key to a sweet birthday party for your teenage girl.

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    Birthday Girl Scepter

    Make the birthday girl feel special with a scepter. A rosette layered with punches of patterned paper sits atop a wooden dowel painted and wrapped in ribbon.

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    Photo-Booth Fun

    A photo booth allows guests to take home a memory of the festivities. Set up a camera on a tripod aimed at a simple backdrop, such as a blank wall adorned with a wall decal. Props let guests get goofy.

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    Mysterious Mask

    Decorate a premade mask. Pull out all the stops with gems, lace, ribbon, and swirled chenille stems.

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    Eiffel Tower Scepter

    Invoke an air of Paris with a miniature Eiffel Tower. Perched on a wooden dowel, the patterned-paper shape can be used as a prop or a decoration.

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    Girly Scepters

    Fan-folded tissue paper, doilies, and paper become pretty scepter toppers when chipboard shapes are adhered to the front. Stick them in a vase for quick decorations.

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    Cupcake Wrapper

    Customize the birthday treats with pink polka-dot cupcake wrappers made using an die-cutting tool. Clear gems add bling to the labels.

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    Cupcake Topper

    Crown each sweet with a cupcake topper resembling a French chapeau. Layer stickers and tissue on a circle punched from patterned paper, and glue them to a candy stick.

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    Cake Stand Banner

    A scalloped paper border with layers of punched circles and embellishments lends a bit of Parisian flair to the cake stand.

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    Photo Album Guest Book

    Cover a simple notebook with elegant paper and a sophisticated banner for a keepsake album. Glue pictures of the party inside and have each guest write the birthday girl a special note.

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    Jewelry Display

    Party guests can make their own favors by crafting jewelry. Put all the jewelry-making supplies in pretty glass bowls and guide guests through the process.

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    Personalized Jewelry

    To make jewelry, embellish small scraps of paper and use adhesive to attach them to the backs of acrylic tiles. Add a ball-chain necklace for wearing and pretty ribbon for a flourish.

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