Fun Handmade Birthday Cards for Girls

Rocket Ship Birthday Card

Send your little princess or trendy teen special birthday wishes by making her a one-of-a-kind, handmade birthday card. These creative birthday designs are easy to make with our detailed instructions and free patterns. Plus, they're a great way to use up scraps from other crafting projects.

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Unicorn Card

card with felt flowers

We're obsessed with how easy this unicorn birthday card is to make! Start by making a few felt flowers in bright colors, then cut out a spiral horn and two ear shapes from glitter scrapbook paper. Use glue to attach the paper, and then attach the flowers. Add two eyes with a black marker to finish this adorable handmade birthday card.

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Candles Birthday Card

card with candles

This fun birthday card is so easy to make! Cut strips of bright or patterned paper that are slightly shorter than the height of the card; secure the strips with double-sided tape or glue, and add glitter teardrop shapes so the bright rectangles resemble candles.

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Paper Florals Card

bright 3d cutout blooms on paper

For a truly special birthday girl, give a card that doubles as a gift. Make a gorgeous card with paper flowers in all her favorite colors, and add a pretty frame to turn it into a gift; once she's opened the card, she can frame your floral creation as a keepsake.

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Paper Tassel Card

card with tissue paper tassel

Dress up a plain card with a bright paper tassel in the birthday girl's favorite color. To make a tissue paper tassel, cut several long strips of paper and fold each in the middle; tie off with a ribbon, and thread the ribbon through a punched hole on the front of the card.

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Birthday Balloon Card

happy birthday card with balloon

Make a fast and easy homemade birthday card in just minutes! Cut a balloon shape from colorful or patterned paper and glue it to the front of a blank card—we used a white pencil and black marker to add the balloon string and birthday message.

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8 is Great! Birthday Card

Striped Number Birthday Card

Celebrate your youngster's special day with this snappy card that announces her age. Start with a plain cardstock card, and cut a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller than the front of the card. Use a stencil or a template to cut out the number from the patterned paper, then adhere it to the front of the card. Add a fun phrase to a tag decal, and pop the card in an envelope!

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Birthday Package Card

It’s a Wrap Birthday Card

Wrap up your birthday wishes with this delightful card shaped just like a present, complete with a bow to untie to open it.

Cut a sheet of patterned cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Cut a rectangular piece from contrasting patterned cardstock about 1-1/2 inches tall and 1/2 inch wider than your card. Attach it to the top of the card (to look like a box lid) using adhesive foam to add dimension.

Cut a length of patterned ribbon, wrap it around the card from top to bottom, and tie into a bow.

Cut a small rectangular piece of another patterned cardstock to make a gift tag. Use a sentiment sticker or write a birthday greeting by hand on the gift tag and adhere one end beneath the bow.

Editor's Tip: Be sure to write your birthday message inside the card before you tie the bow. The bow can slip on and off the card, but you can create a prettier finished look if you write inside the card before tying the bow.

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Wrapped Gift Birthday Card

card with present accent

This adorable birthday card is perfect for anyone, on any birthday! Plus, we love how easy it is to make! Start by cutting a square of patterned paper that fits on the front of a blank card. Cut two pieces of ribbon slightly longer than the square, and use tape to secure the string to the back of the square so the string forms a crossed pattern on the front of the box. Add a small tied ribbon at the top to finish the card.

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Hand-Lettered Birthday Card

happy birthday card

Make a quick last-minute birthday card that is just as sweet as a store-bought card. Start with a blank card in a solid color or a pattern. Cut out a banner of bright paper, and use a marker or pen to add a birthday message.

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Fold-Up Birthday Fun

Fold-Up Birthday Fun

A pullout greeting is playfully hidden in the layers of this accordion-fold birthday card. Making the elaborate-looking card is much easier than it looks; just follow our instructions and the folding diagram, then add your creative touches.

Referring to our Accordion-Fold Card Diagram, available below, use a bone folder to score a 5-1/2x12-inch piece of cardstock at 1, 2, 4, 6, and 9 inches. Use a scoring grid to help you measure, or mark the lines lightly with a pencil. Fold.

Fold the top and bottom edges of a 2-3/4x5-3/4-inch piece of cardstock to create a pocket. Adhere the pocket to the front of the tallest fold (the shaded area of the diagram). Add a color-coordinated tab to a 2-1/4x-1/2-inch piece of cardstock. Use a stamp, stickers, or handwriting to add a birthday greeting on the pullout. Insert the strip into the pocket.

To decorate the card, add papers and embellishments as desired. We covered each folded section with a different piece of patterned paper, then layered on strips of colored cardstock trimmed with decorative-edge scissors. A cupcake die cut is assembled from different paper patterns and adhered. Use foam adhesive to attach the candle and blue frosting edge to add dimension.

Cut out or make your own gift tag shapes, such as the "Party Time" and "Wish Big" embellishments. Add shimmery gems, printed ribbons, and other embellishments for finishing touches.

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Sugar and Spice Card

colorful dots card on green

To make an easy handmade birthday card, use your computer to print a sweet saying on colored cardstock. Cut the printed paper into a fun shape and glue onto a patterned card and top with a sticker or decal.

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Birthday Girl Initial Card


Give a shout out to the birthday girl with this festive card that's all about her. A chunky, decorative initial made from fabric paper and embellished with stitching is the spotlight of the greeting.

Use rub-on letters or stickers to spell out "Happy Birthday" and the child's name on a sheet of patterned cardstock so the words appear at the top and bottom of the card. Trim the paper and fold it in half to form the card.

Use a letter stencil to cut a large initial from fabric paper and machine-stitch around the letter's edge. Cut a second, slightly larger, initial from a contrasting piece of fabric paper; layer the two initials, and adhere them together. Decorate the surface of the initial using stamps and colored ink, such as the pink flowers and black birthday number 5 on this card. Adhere the initial to the front of the card.

Use a small hole punch to make several holes along the folded edge of the card. Tie a bow in each hole using different ribbons.

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Birthday Icon Card


If a picture is worth a thousand words, this birthday card has lot to say to the birthday girl! Birthday symbols easily printed using a dingbat font playfully decorate this colorful card with birthday banter.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Using a dingbat font, print birthday icons onto four colors of cardstock. Punch out a circle around each dingbat, and adhere the printed circles to the card.

Add a thin ribbon across the card front for decorative effect.

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Pretty Purse Birthday Card

Pretty Purse Birthday Card

Your little lady will love to carry this adorable purse birthday card on her special day. Use our free pattern to help you put it together.

Fold an 8x5-1/2-inch piece of plain cardstock in half to create a top-folded card. Trace the Pretty Purse Pattern, available below, onto the folded card base. Place the narrow end of the pattern at the fold and the tabs past the fold (do not trace the tabs at this time). Cut out the purse shape. Lay the pattern on the card again and, at the fold, make two small marks on either side of each tab on the pattern. Add small strips of adhesive on one side of the card where the tabs would be, then attach the ends of a 9-inch piece of green ribbon to form the purse handle.

Lay the purse pattern on the back of a piece of double-sided patterned paper (ours is floral and polka dot), trace it (including the tabs), and cut it out. Fold the tabs toward the front of the patterned paper to form belt loops. Pierce holes in the loops and secure with brads. Adhere the purse front to the card base, making sure the loops match up with the purse handle.

Cut a 2x5-1/2-inch piece of coordinating patterned paper (ours is striped), trim one edge with a border punch or decorative-edge scissors, and attach it to the bottom of the purse. Trim a 3/4x5-1/2-inch strip of another patterned paper (ours is green), trim one edge with decorative-edge scissors, and layer it along the bottom over the first piece.

Wrap a 16-inch piece of green ribbon around the card front, threading it through the belt loops, and tie in place.

Stamp a birthday sentiment on cardstock and punch it out using a circle punch. Mat the sentiment on a larger circle from contrasting paper punched with a decorative edge. Add a small flower embellishment and brad, and attach the piece to the card with adhesive foam.

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Pocket Full of Posies Birthday Card

Pocket Full of Posies Birthday Card

What girl wouldn't love a colorful bouquet of flowers on her birthday, especially with a heartfelt secret birthday greeting tucked inside?

Cut two pieces of patterned cardstock in the shape of a flowerpot. With wrong sides together, glue the side and bottom edges to form a pocket.

Cut two rectangular strips of colored cardstock to make the flowerpot rim. Use decorative-edge scissors and a small hole punch to create the scalloped bottom edge. Adhere one piece to each side of the flowerpot, making sure not to close the pocket. Decorate the flowerpot rim with ribbon on both sides and a bow on the front.

Cut a piece of white cardstock narrow enough to slide inside the flowerpot pocket and tall enough to decorate with flowers sticking out above the flowerpot.

Cut or punch flower shapes in multiple sizes, colors, and patterns (or use die cuts) from scrapbooking paper. Arrange the flowers as desired by layering and overlapping the pieces. Adhere the layers and decorate the flower centers using buttons, gems, brads, and other embellishments. Adhere the completed flower bunch to the top of the white cardstock piece.

Write a birthday message, and slip the flower-topped card into the flowerpot.

Editor's Tip: Keep adhesive away from exposed surfaces so the embellished flower tab doesn't stick.

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Watercolor Butterfly Birthday Card

Watercolor Butterfly Birthday Card

Make your own pretty, patterned paper by dipping and splattering white cardstock in Easter egg or other water-base dye. The watercolor effect makes for a truly one-of-a-kind greeting card.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Mix several colors of Easter egg dye according to the directions, but leave out the vinegar. Before dyeing the papers for your card, experiment with scrap pieces to achieve desired effects and coloring. Dip pieces into the dye to color the paper (like dyeing eggs, leaving the paper in the dye longer will achieve a bolder color). Dip parts of the paper in different colors to see how the color bleeds and overlaps. Try splattering dye onto a sheet of paper. Let dry completely.

Cut a piece of white cardstock just smaller than the front of the card. Dye the paper as desired to create a sky background. Adhere to the front of the card.

Dye additional pieces of cardstock in desired colors and effects to use for the butterfly, flowers, and grass; let dry. Solid color cardstock can be used for some pieces, too. Cut and assemble pieces as desired, arrange on the front of the card, and adhere.

Add a chipboard or dimensional sticker with a birthday sentiment.

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Chirping Bird Birthday Greeting

Chirping Bird Birthday Greeting

This friendly queen of her nest is easily assembled using colored chipboard shapes to create a darling custom birthday card.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Use circle and petal-shaped chipboard pieces to create the bird body, head, and tail. Cut pieces from colored cardstock to make the beak, legs, and crown. Arrange and adhere the bird to the front of the card. Add a heart brad to the body, gems to the crown, or other embellishments, as desired.

Cut white cardstock in the shape of blades of grass. Smear the pieces using green ink pads to create irregular shading. Arrange and adhere the blades of grass to the card around the bird.

Print a birthday sentiment on white cardstock, cut out, and adhere along the top edge of the card.

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Festive Birthday Cards

Banner Birthday Cards

A playful medley of papers decorates these festive birthday cards like confetti. Choose favorite colors and patterns for each birthday girl to make a one-of-a-kind card just for her.

Cut a sheet of colored cardstock, and fold it to make a card of desired size. Use a corner punch to round all four corners.

Cut a sheet of white cardstock 1/4 inch smaller than the front of the card. Use an embossing machine or a texture plate and embossing tool to give the paper a fun texture, and use a corner punch to round the corners.

For the banner card, fold scalloped circles punched from cardstock or patterned paper over baker's twine, and adhere the half-circle closed. Tape the ends of the twine to the back of the white embossed cardstock, and adhere the piece to the card base. Add a "Happy Birthday" sentiment sticker.

For the star card, adhere a 1x4-inch strip of patterned paper to the embossed cardstock piece, then attach it to the card base. Punch or cut three sizes of stars from cardstock of different colors and layer them; attach them to the card with dimensional adhesive. Add a "Happy Birthday" sentiment sticker.

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Birthday Gift Card Holder

Birthday Gift Card Holder

Giving a gift card is twice as nice when it's tucked inside a handmade card. Try our perky feathered-friend design, or be inspired to create your own unique image.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card slightly larger than the gift card.

Cut a strip of colored cardstock the width of the card and adhere it to the front along the bottom third.

Cut or use die cuts to make three tag shapes from different patterned and solid paper. Vary the size of each piece by 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Use stickers, computer printing, or handwriting to add a birthday greeting to the top tag piece. Layer and adhere the pieces centered on the card front.

Use bird and leaf die cuts to cut shapes from patterned and solid papers, or purchase precut shapes. Arrange and adhere them to the card below the birthday greeting.

Use repositionable adhesive to secure the gift card inside the card. Or, to make a holder for the gift card, cut a piece of patterned paper 1/4 inch smaller than the inside of the card and cut a slit horizontally across the center of the piece. Adhere the paper to the inside of the card, making sure to leave a pocket for the gift card.

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Make-a-Wish Birthday Card

Blow Out the Candles Birthday Card

Chenille stems and felt give the candles on this creative birthday cake whimsical dimension.

Cut a sheet of cardstock with a birthday-theme pattern, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Cut a trapezoid shape from a piece of contrasting patterned paper to make the cake base. Use decorative-edge scissors on a thin strip of colored paper; trim to fit across the top of the cake. Adhere the strip to the cake shape and attach to the card.

Cut four short pieces of chenille stems in different colors for candles. Cut four flame shapes from yellow felt. Adhere the candles and flames to the card above the cake.

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Chipboard Flower Birthday Card

teal and red daisy birthday card

Be inspired by your favorite scrapbooking paper. Choose a whimsical flower pattern and turn it into a delightful birthday card by simply adding complementary embellishments.

Cut a sheet of colored cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Cut a piece of patterned paper about 1/4 inch narrower on each side than the front of the card. Center and adhere to the card front.

Cut two squares of complementary colored paper, trimming one smaller for layering. Position and adhere the layered squares in the bottom right-hand corner of the card.

Choose chipboard shapes (or other embellishments) to complement the patterned paper, such as this flower and leaf. Arrange the pieces on the front of the card, as desired, and adhere. Add a birthday sentiment sticker.

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Quick & Easy Birthday Card

Quick & Easy Birthday Card

This cute birthday card is easy enough to whip up at a moment's notice. Plus, it's a terrific way to use up leftover paper scraps.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Cut three rectangular strips from patterned paper, making one strip longer. Round the corners and layer the strips on the front of the card.

Decorate a tag frame or a die-cut shape with a birthday sentiment using word stickers, and attach with foam adhesive for a raised effect.

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Funky Cat Birthday Card

Cat Card

This cat can't help but put a smile on the birthday girl's face. Use a simple paper-piecing technique, playful ribbon scraps, and embellishments to craft this adorable birthday card.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size. Trim the bottom of the card with decorative-edge scissors and rub a black ink pad along all the edges to give the card an embellished finish.

Choose a variety of ribbons with different patterns and textures. Arrange strips of ribbon horizontally across a piece of colored cardstock. Leave gaps for the colored cardstock to show, if desired. Use adhesive strips or tape to secure the ribbon lengths to the cardstock base, covering enough cardstock to cut out one head and two ears from our free Funky Cat Paper-Piecing Pattern, available below.

Flip the ribbon-covered base over and trace the Head and Ears patterns on the back. Cut out.

Trace the Mouth pattern on a piece of black cardstock (or, you can use yarn or a chenille stem to form the mouth).

Cut a short strip from the colored cardstock for the cat's neck. Arrange and adhere the neck, head, and ears pieces to the front of the card.

Use gems, brads, and other embellishments for the eyes and nose. Arrange and adhere the eyes, nose, and mouth to create the cat's face. Add sparkling gems across the neck to make a collar.

Print a birthday sentiment, cut out in paper strips, and adhere to the card.

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Blossoming Birthday Greeting Card

Blossoming Birthday Greeting Card

Treat your aspiring green thumb to a bouquet of flowers that doesn't need watering. This birthday card is blooming with cheerful felt flowers.

Cut a sheet of birthday-theme cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Cut a green chenille stem into three pieces for flower stems. Use precut felt accents or cut your own flower and leaf shapes from felt. Arrange and adhere the stems and felt pieces to the front of the card. Use the image for guidance and inspiration.

Glue a colored gem, sequin, or button to the center of each flower.

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Pretty Flower Petals Birthday Card

Pretty Flower Petals Birthday Card

Curling the paper petals of these wispy flowers gives the illusion of a soft spring breeze blowing across this pretty birthday card.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Cut a contrasting piece of patterned paper to create the background for the flowers and adhere to the card front.

Use our free patterns, available below, to cut two flower stems and two flowers from colored and patterned cardstock. Curl the petals by wrapping the paper gently around a pencil. Sand the stems lightly to give them a textured finish. Arrange and adhere the flowers to the front of the card.

Cut a strip of colored paper, and adhere it at the base of the flowers. Embellish it using a stamp or sticker sentiment and brads or gems.

Editor's Tip: Use a craft knife or fine-tip scissors to cut out the delicate shapes.

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Woven Wishes Birthday Card

kraft card with floral lattice

Girlish flourishes turn a plain piece of cardstock into this pretty birthday card. A simple paper-weaving technique and felt flower embellishments are all it takes.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Cut rows of small vertical slits across the front of the card (referring to the photo). Cut strips from patterned paper slightly longer than the width of the card and weave them through the slits. Fold the ends of each strip to the back of the card front, and secure with adhesive.

Decorate the card with felt flower embellishments and a birthday sentiment sticker.

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Ribbon and Rhinestones Birthday Card

homemade card with ribbon accents

Wish your girl a spectacular celebration with a card sparkling with girly embellishments. Velvet ribbon and rhinestone brads give this birthday card glitzy glamour.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size. Rub a colored ink pad along the edges for embellishment.

Use a computer design, and print a birthday greeting on a piece of white or colored cardstock, such as the birthday song sentiment we arranged in a circle. Cut out a circle (or other desired shape) around the printed text. Rub a colored ink pad along the edges of the cardstock piece for embellishment. Adhere the circle, centered, on the front of the card.

Cut three strips of velvet ribbon, each slightly longer than the previous one, and arrange inside the cardstock circle to create the tiered cake. Cut three thin strips of colored paper for candles, and adhere to the top of the cake. Create the candle flames with rhinestone brads punched through the front of the card and secured on the back.

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Stylish Bags of Birthday Greetings

Purse-shape card with note

Not only are these handbag-shaped birthday cards cute, but you also can tuck a little birthday cash or gift card inside along with your best birthday wishes.

Cut two sheets of patterned cardstock in the shape of a purse or handbag. Punch a small hole in the top corners of each piece. For each purse piece, thread a length of ribbon through the holes from the front to the back of the paper. Secure the ribbon with a small knot at each end on the back of the paper to form the handle.

Choose one purse piece to be the front of the card. Cut two vertical slits below the holes of the purse handle. Lay a piece of ribbon across the purse, slipping each end into a slit and securing the ribbon on the back of the paper. Adhere a flower embellishment on the ribbon.

Use a stencil to trace a big letter "b" on a piece of cardstock and cut out. Print out small "happy" and "day" on cardstock and cut out. Arrange and adhere the birthday greeting on the front purse piece below the ribbon and flower.

Line up the two purse pieces with wrong sides together and adhere along the bottom and side edges to create a pocket at the top. Slip a birthday note inside, along with money or a gift card, if desired.

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Double Delight Birthday Card

Double Delight Birthday Card

The party's not just on the outside of this clever birthday card. Layer the festive papers, then turn a corner to reveal the fun.

Cut a sheet of patterned cardstock, and fold it in half to make a square card.

With the card open, cover the inside right-hand panel with patterned paper.

Cut six strips of paper to the height of the card. Adhere the strips vertically across the inside left-hand panel of the card.

Close the card and fold back the top right corner. Push a brad through a paper flower accent, and use the brad to secure the folded corner.

Stamp a birthday sentiment on the paper stripes.

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Word-Search Fun Birthday Card

Word-Search Fun Birthday Card

Can you find the birthday greeting in this word search? Delight your little game player with this playful greeting card.

Cut a sheet of cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size.

Trim a piece of word-search paper to fit on the front of the card, making sure the words "happy birthday" are centered in the lower portion. Or, computer-print an original word-search block, positioning a key birthday word or phrase in the lower portion.

Cut a piece of the cardstock with a window to fit around the key words, and adhere the piece to the card front.

Punch a circle from cardstock, glue a party hat (or other birthday motif) button on it, and adhere it to the front of the card.

Add metal embellishments or other accents, as desired.

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Birthday Cakes Card

Birthday Cakes Card

Clever yet simple techniques makes this homemade masterpiece look like it should have a greeting card brand stamped on the back.

Cut a sheet of textured cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size. Cut three square windows out of the front of the card.

Punch six squares the same size as the windows out of three colors of cardstock. Punch a birthday design (such as a cake) in one of each of the colors, then layer the punched square over a contrasting colored square and adhere together. Position the colored squares on the inside right-hand panel of the card to line up with the card windows and adhere.

Rub colored ink pads along the outside edges of the card and around the window cutouts to add more decoration and color.

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Rocket Dreams Birthday Card

Rocket Ship Birthday Card

If your birthday girl dreams of the stars, this rocket card will send her into orbit. Our patterns make it easy to bring this outer space adventure to life.

Cut a sheet of blue cardstock, and fold it in half to make a card of desired size. Sand the edges and surface to add texture.

Use our patterns, available below, to cut the pieces of the rocket ship from colored cardstock. To add glitter to the top and wing pieces, apply an adhesive sheet to the entire cardstock surface and sprinkle with glitter. We started with gray cardstock for cohesive color. Add machine stitching to outline the body of the rocket. Sand the fire piece.

Assemble and layer the rocket ship pieces as shown and adhere to the card front. Add a robot in the window using a brad or sticker.

Cut a partial planet shape from cardstock, color it, and add it to the card, along with cardstock stars.

Computer-print a birthday sentiment and cut it in strips; adhere to the card.

Editor's Tip: For a personal touch, draw the birthday girl or use a favorite snapshot to make her the pilot.

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