Birthday Cakes

Slice up some fun with decorated birthday cakes, theme cakes, tasty birthday treat ideas, and more with our recipes for homemade birthday cakes -- we have just the right cake designs for every occasion. For the birthday boy or girl, we have animal birthday cakes and cupcakes that will delight party guests of all ages. You can choose from pink poodle cupcakes and zoo animal cupcakes; a birthday cake that's shaped like a fishbowl and another that looks like an octopus. Make the most of a birthday dessert with our themed birthday cupcakes for boys, where you can choose from designs with sports-theme decorations, monster eyes, and even one designed to look like a root beer float! Our girls' birthday cupcakes will make the birthday honoree feel like a princess, with sweet flower-topped cupcakes and ice cream-frosted cupcake cones. Or choose from one of our sweet birthday cakes for girls, with pretty colors and sports themes. Want to get started on one of these creative birthday cakes but don't know where to begin? See our step-by-step instructions for baking and frosting a cake.

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19 Birthday Cake Recipes That Will Be the Star of Your Celebration

Unique flavors, creamy frostings, beautiful design—each of these homemade birthday cakes has something extra special about it. And if you think you're too old for a birthday treat, you're wrong—these adult birthday cakes were made just for your big day.

11 Box Office-Worthy Movie Desserts

Ever wondered what your favorite movies would look like in the form of a dessert? It's time to find out! Enjoy all the fun of the movies with one of these box office-worthy desserts.

DIY Cake Toppers to Make Your Cake Prettier

Jazz up your next special occasion cake with one of these fun, DIY cake toppers. From mini shimmery balloons to sparkly shapes, these cake toppers are sure to add to the joyous celebration!

Birthday Cakes for Boys

It's birthday party time! These cleverly decorated birthday cakes make the birthday boy know he's the guest of honor. We've got the perfect birthday cake for everyone, including all-star athletes and the next man on the moon.

Animal Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes for Kids

Go a little wild! Throw an animal-theme birthday party for your child. These birthday cakes and cupcakes are designed to please animal lovers with dogs, cats, an elephant, an octopus, monkeys, bears, and a menagerie of kids' favorites. Start with a purchased cake or cupcake, or use our recipes to bake one from scratch.

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Sophisticated Birthday Cakes for Adults

Simple yet elegant birthday cakes are perfect for classy adult birthday parties. From plain chocolate to fruit-and-cookie topped, our sophisticated birthday cakes for adults, plus ideas for birthday cake toppers and cupcakes, will wow party guests of any age.

Cool Birthday Cakes

Wow the birthday party guests with a really cool birthday cake. Designed to please, these easy birthday cakes are fun to make and serve.

Funny Birthday Cakes

From birthday cakes disguised as main course meals to cute animals, our ideas for funny birthday cakes are sure to give the birthday person -- and party guests! -- a laugh.