These S'mores Boards Will Take Your Summer Bash to the Next Level

You've never had s'mores like this before!

S'mores are an absolute must for summer parties. There's just nothing like biting into the combination of roasted marshmallow, rich chocolate, and crunchy graham cracker while gathered around the fire. And now that it's safe to host outdoor gatherings again, we anticipate eating a lot of the sweet, chocolatey sandwiches this season.

But over the next few warmer months, we'll be serving our s'mores a little differently. Rather than having everyone reach into a plastic packaging to grab jumbo marshmallows and chocolate squares, put together a decadent s'mores board instead. If you haven't seen these before, it's similar to a charcuterie spread—but filled with s'mores makings rather than meat and cheese.

The trend has been around for a few years, but now that we're able to host summer get-togethers again, it's really taking off. There are currently more than 1,300 posts under #smoresboard on Instagram, and each one will have you craving a bite of melted marshmallow and crunchy graham cracker.

To help inspire your own summer entertaining, we've rounded up our favorite s'mores boards you can recreate at home. So set up the fire pit, load up your board, and enjoy a flavorful evening around the fire with friends and family.

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Sensational S'Mores

This delicious board has it all—and more! Melissa Mondragon from @no2pencilblog put together this spread that will help you create the ultimate s'mores creation. Along with the three traditional ingredients, she added sandwich cookies, peanut butter, chocolate frosting, and fresh berries.

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S'Mores Dip

We've almost reached the official start of summer, but many places haven't warmed up enough to host outdoor gatherings quite yet. But not to worry—Nikki Le from @lovenikkile has the perfect solution. If you can't (or don't want to) host guests outdoors by a grill or fire, opt for an indoor spread instead! Bake marshmallows in a miniature cast iron skillet ($15, Amazon) and serve it like a dip on this board filled with graham crackers and chocolate.

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Cookie and Candy S'Mores

This board by Tatanisha and Derrick Worthey of @thiswortheylife is filled with several kinds of cookies and chocolate candies, so guests can make their s'mores out of something other than plain graham crackers. To make your own, layer your favorite cookies, candies, and marshmallows on a round marble cheese board ($36, Amazon).

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Decadent S'Mores

S'mores aren't just for casual barbecues anymore! This spread from Bites & Boards is decadent enough to serve at any gathering, no matter how fancy. Plus, pre-skewered marshmallows will help keep guests' hands from getting sticky.

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A La Carte S'Mores

Ashley Dzurilla of @ashleymerry created this delicious assortment of every s'mores combination imaginable. In addition to the classics, she added various kinds of cookies, candies, and even caramels—yum! To make it yourself, layer any ingredients you like on a large wood serving board ($20, Target).

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