HGTV Star Jasmine Roth Shares Her Secrets to Summer Entertaining

She's dishing her best insider tips for maximizing your entertaining space without going over budget.

We can always use advice about how to host garden parties and casual outdoor soirées. Sometimes, planning summer gatherings makes us wonder how much seating we need, where we should hang the string lights, and what kind of decorations are actually necessary.

To help us (and you!) with summer party planning, we sat down with HGTV star Jasmine Roth to get her best tips for maximizing your outdoor space on a budget. Roth, who has starred on HGTV's Hidden Potential, Help! I Wrecked My House, and Rock the Block recently refreshed her backyard space and is spilling all her best entertaining secrets to help you do the same.

Jasmine Roth
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

For more decorating inspiration, Roth also has written a book. House Story: Insider Secrets to the Perfect Home Renovation ($17, Amazon) is available now.

Roth shared seven expert tips to help you make your space entertaining-ready, no matter how much room you have. Whether you're hosting in a backyard or on an apartment patio, she'll help you with seating, functional decor, and ambiance that'll make any summer gathering unforgettable.

If you want to totally overhaul your outdoor space, use her suggestions to create a totally new look. All that's left to do after that is invite your guests and plan the summer party menu!

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Make It Colorful

jasmine roth patio area
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

No matter how small your space is, you can dress it up with a splash of color to make even the tiniest of patios feel bright and inviting. "Start with adding bright hues like sage green, yellow, or tangerine," Roth says. Plus, this can be one of the most inexpensive ways to dress up your space. Add two of her favorite picks—an outdoor throw pillow and a serving tray—to your party set-up.

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Simple Seating

outdoor chairs and poufs
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

Making everyone feel welcome and comfortable is one of the most important aspects of hosting a gathering, so having enough seating is key. But that doesn't mean you have to break out the boring old folding chairs. Instead, Roth suggests combining various elements for a pretty yet functional space.

"Seating is having a moment," Roth says. "Consider changing up the seating game with fun and unique options that complement existing furniture, like an outdoor pouf or seat cushions that add a pop of color." She recommends an outdoor pouf that will brighten up your space.

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Add Ambiance

Jasmine Roth full patio
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

Roth says the right ambiance is the best way to encourage your party guests to spend more time at the get-together—and a touch of mood lighting can do just that. She suggests solar disc lights to pave a walkway or inexpensive string lights ($13, Target) you can hang overhead to elevate the atmosphere.

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Dress the Table

Jasmine Roth outdoor table
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

"Adding an eye-catching tablecloth and decorative centerpiece to an otherwise simple table can transform a frequently used seating area into an intimate, cozy, under-the-stars dining experience," Roth says. For a decor piece that does double duty, she recommends a patterned tablecloth and a lantern that can double as a centerpiece.

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Greenery is Key

Jasmine Roth hanging planters
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

"Simple foliage is an easy way to elevate any type of outdoor space, but not everyone has the room for a full garden," Roth says. "Good quality greenery at great prices can make a space feel larger, calmer, and more inviting." Her favorite picks are a hanging planter for a smaller windowsill space, a small faux plant for your main table area, or a ceramic planter for anyone with more of a green thumb.

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Keep it Casual

Jasmine Roth melamine plates
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

If your guest list includes kids or pets, Roth recommends choosing affordable decorative yet sturdy pieces—because breaks and spills are bound to happen! A set of melamine plates paired with outdoor-friendly plastic cocktail glasses are perfect for low-key dinner parties with kids or anytime you don't want to worry about breakables outdoors.

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Roll Out a Rug

outdoor couch with small tables
Courtesy of Jasmine Roth

One of Roth's favorite ways to tie together an outdoor space is to invest in a good outdoor rug. "The great thing about outdoor rugs is they're made for the outdoors," she says. "You never have to bring them indoors to bring them back out again. They're a great way to add texture to flooring or cover up a patch of dirt outside! And say someone spills something on it, or it gets dirty? You just hose it off!" She suggests an affordable patterned rug to add color.

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