The Cutest Gender-Reveal Ideas

gender reveal game

Are you having a baby boy or girl? Let friends and family know with a gender-reveal party! We've got sweet ideas for food, games, and of course, the big reveal!

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The Food: Cotton Candy Cupcakes

gender reveal dessert

Be a kid again with these adorable cupcakes. A swirl of pink and blue cotton candy keeps your secret safe till the big reveal.

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The Food: Chocolate-Covered Cupcakes

blue and pink baby shower cupcakes

These chocolate-covered cupcakes are a must for your gender reveal party. Simply bake up your favorite cupcakes and frost them with colored icing. Dunk each into melted semisweet chocolate to hide the big surprise.

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The Food: Easy-Peasy Crispy Treats

gender reveal sweets

Desserts don't get cuter than this! Dunk crispy treats in colored candy melts and add a skewer. Finish the pops with sprinkles and bakers twine.

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The Food: Cookie-Inside Cupcakes

gender reveal baby shower cupcakes

One of our favorite gender reveal ideas are these sweet cookie-filled cupcakes. Bake up a batch of blue or pink and let guests sink their teeth into the big reveal.

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The Food: Confetti Cake

gender reveal cake

Bring on the oohs and the aahs. Impress party goers with this gorgeous confetti layer cake. It only looks complicated.

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The Food: Heart-Inside Cupcakes

gender reveal cupcake

The sweetest way to announce your baby's gender? With these surprise-inside heart cupcakes and plenty of frosting.

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The Games: Lips or Mustaches

gender reveal game

Get guests into the action with adorable lip or mustache props! Set up a photo booth near by and capture each guess.

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The Games: Cast Your Vote

gender reveal guessing game

As soon as guests arrive, give them the chance to vote! Record their choices on a chalkboard and see how the votes stack up.

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The Games: Wear It!

gender reveal game

Have guests pick (and wear!) blue or pink leis at your gender-reveal party. The festive flowers will also serve as pretty day-of decor.

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The Reveal: Confetti Pop!

gender reveal game

Share your big news in a shower of colored confetti! Try stuffing it inside a gender reveal confetti balloon. Make enough for the entire party. When it comes time for the big reveal, everyone can celebrate.

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The Reveal: Fortune Telling

gender reveal fortune cookie

Replace traditional fortune cookie slips with your adorable gender-reveal message. The hardest part will be getting through the meal without spilling the secret!

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The Reveal: Colorful Squirt Guns

gender reveal game

Make your gender reveal a spectator sport! Simply dress in white and fill squirt guns with either pink or blue dyed water. Take aim and reveal the gender!

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The Reveal: Balloon Pop

gender reveal game

This gender reveal balloon pop is full of drama. To create, hang a paint-filled balloon on a white canvas. Using darts or an arrow, pierce the balloon and reveal the gender!

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