Baby Shower Cards and Announcements

Get our best ideas for handmade baby shower cards and announcements that are perfect for welcoming a baby girl or boy. Find the perfect baby shower cards and see our favorite baby announcements. Plus, get our free printable cards and invitations!

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    Elephant Baby Shower Invite

    Send out custom baby shower invitations with the help of our free printables! Print this adorable pink and gray card for an animal-theme shower. We've made it so easy to send as many baby shower invites as you need—just print and cut out the invitations, fill in the party information and pop the cards in the mail! 

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    Rainy Baby Shower Invite

    Invite guests to the shower by sending a handmade baby shower invitation. Make a batch of simple cards embellished with a punched cloud that sprinkles hearts instead of raindrops. Attach the cloud with adhesive foam, so it pops up from the card, then position the multicolor punched hearts slightly off-kilter to give the look of rain. 

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    Pink and Blue Baby Shower Invitations

    Make your own baby shower invitations with the help of our free printable downloads. Choose between the blue bow tie design and the pink bow pattern, then print as many invitations as you'll need; cut along the lines to create an adorable onesie-shaped invitation that fits neatly into a standard 5x7 envelope. 

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    Baby Carriage Card

    Making your own DIY baby shower invitations and cards doesn't have to be hard! This baby carriage card looks intricate, but it's actually so easy to make! Use your computer to print out a circular baby-theme design on regular printer paper and glue to the front of a blank greeting card. Cut a baby carriage shape from dot-pattern paper and cut strips of silver and pink cardstock to form the detailing. Add two button wheels, and use raised adhesive stickers to attach the carriage to the front of the card.

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    Boy Baby Shower

    This printable baby shower invitation is simple enough to match any baby boy's shower theme! Download the free printable design and print the invitation on white or light blue cardstock. Add a handmade element by filling in the details yourself for a DIY invitation that's fast and easy!

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    Adorable Baby Photo Announcement

    Photo cards are one of our favorite ways to send a baby announcement. Many online printing sources have premade templates, but you can make this card yourself, too! Use your computer to print a cardstock card with all the important details—don't forget the blank space for a photo! When your cards are printed and cut, attach an adorable smiling photo of your new bundle of joy.

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    Printable Boy and Girl Announcements

    Newborns require a lot of energy, and the last thing you'll want to be doing is spending hours making detailed baby announcement cards. We've got you covered! Download our free boy or girl announcements and fill in the important details—pop the cards in an envelope with a printed snapshot of your new bundle of joy and drop these in the mail. 

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    Elephant Card

    If you've picked out a name before the baby is born, make a set of announcements ahead of time—you'll thank yourself later, when all you have to do is add the details to the inside of the card. 

    Start with a blank card, and add a background of patterned paper. Then, dress up a printed or stamped design by punching a decorative border and accenting it with a ribbon. Use a marker or rubber stamps to add the baby's name to the front of the card.

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    DIY Baby Announcement

    If you don't know the baby's name or gender, you can still make a set of announcement cards ahead of time! Cut, punch, or die-cut a set of circles and shapes in pink, blue, or a combination of gender-neutral colors. When you've designed a card, cut enough pieces for the number of cards you'll need; put them together assembly-line style to speed up the process. When the baby arrives, write their name and birth details on the inside of the card, and mail off to friends and family!

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    Nautical-Theme Baby Shower Invite

    Print a set of custom baby shower invitations with this adorable nautical design. To get the design shown, print the design (in color) on white cardstock. To match this design to your shower's color scheme, load your printer with colored cardstock and print the design in black and white. 

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    Newborn Photo Card

    We love newborn photo cards! To make your own version of this card, glue a photo to a stamped or printed piece of white paper. Then, cut the paper and photo to form a cohesive shape, and attach to the front of a plain card. 

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    Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation

    We can't get enough of these unique baby shower invitations! Print this gender-neutral version of our printable onesie to create a DIY baby shower invitation that is as easy as it is cute! Cut just outside the lines to form the shape that fits easily inside a standard 5x7 envelope; to make this design fit inside a smaller envelope, just adjust the scale in your print settings. 

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    Mustache Baby Announcement

    This adorable mustache card is so cute and easy! Plus, it's the perfect make-ahead design for busy new parents. Start with a blank card and add a piece of pattern paper to the front. Attach a second, slightly smaller piece of paper to the center of the card, then add a few embellishments, a stamped design, and a felt mustache.

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    Cute Snail Baby Card

    This adorable snail card is the perfect DIY baby shower card. Create the snail by layering a spiral paper flower over a paper snail body. To create the flower, cut or punch a cardstock circle and then cut it into a spiral. Roll the spiral into a flower, beginning at the outside edge and adhering to the base at the center; press down on the flower to make it look like a shell.

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    Baby Boy Card

    A handmade baby shower card is the perfect addition to your gift for the new mom. To make this adorable design, start with a blank card and cover the front with patterned paper. Use stickers to add a sweet message, then thread twine through a button and adhere it to the center of a bow for an easy accent that makes a big impact. 

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    Pink Baby Shower Invite

    This adorable handmade baby shower card can double as a unique baby shower invitation. To make the card, add blue patterned paper and white clouds to the front of a blank card. Attach cut-out onesies to a string clothesline, and add a written or stamped message. Add the details—and maybe even a photo—to the inside of the card.

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