9 Popular Dessert Charcuterie Boards You Need to Try

Dessert charcuterie is this season's most popular dessert trend that makes for the perfect party platter.

There's no denying that charcuterie plates are great for entertaining: They offer a variety of tasty options because there's something for everyone, and they're great to serve up to large crowds of guests. So, what if we told you we're changing things up a bit and putting an untraditional, sweet twist on your beloved, savory meat and cheese plates? Behold this season's hottest new entertaining trend -- dessert charcuterie! We're so sure you'll love this delectable dessert spread that we've compiled a list of nine undeniably scrumptious reasons you need to try this at your next party. Check them out now. Spoiler alert: There's no baking necessary.

1. Discover New Dessert Styles

Whereas a typical dessert course tends to be one-note, a dessert charcuterie spread allows you and your guests to discover new tastes and styles! We're all about mixing the old with the new: Serve up traditional desserts alongside some new ones. Reinvent tradition by testing out old recipes and presenting them in new styles: We're loving these adorable brownie pops that make for a fun, bite-size way to serve up your fave brownie dessert. Throw these on a platter with some sliced up fruit, nuts, and some cookies, and we guarantee your dessert spread will please everyone at the table.

2. Taste More, Eat Less

One of our favorite things about this awesome dessert charcuterie trend is that you can sample many small sweets and keep the calories at bay. Savor a variety of bite-sized desserts without feeling obligated to eat that entire slice of cake your host is serving. Or, if you're hosting, you don't have to worry about creating one, please-all dessert. From mini caramel cheesecakes to frozen coconut coffee bites to sliced fruit, you can let your guests pick and choose what to indulge in. Don't feel like baking? No problem. Just throw some fruit, nuts, and chocolate on a platter and let your guests taste the rainbow without the heavy calorie count. We'll take it!

3. Run Wild & Test Out New Recipes

Another reason we're all about this crowd-pleasing dessert trend is that it allows you to test out new recipes. Maybe you've always wanted to try a dessert recipe a tinge untraditional, like these nutty honey mini-rolls, but were worried they wouldn't be well-executed or liked by all. Whether it's a flop or not, dessert charcuterie platters lend you room to try out new recipes. And depending on how many are gobbled up (or not), you'll know if your new dessert concoction is a hit!

4. Quick & Easy Prep (And Clean-Up!)

Pint Sized Baker

Have no time to whip up elaborate dessert recipes for your next party? No worries! Pint Sized Baker reminds us that slicing up some fruits, throwing some nuts in the mix, and breaking up some chunks of our favorite chocolate bars can really be enough. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things, after all! Check out Pint Sized Baker's dessert charcuterie plate that only requires 10 minutes of prep time. And that means clean-up will be a breeze, too.

5. Save Money by Serving Up What You Already Have in the Pantry

Pint Sized Baker

I bet if you looked in your fridge and in your pantry right now, you'd be able to throw together quite the impressive dessert platter. From pretzels to chocolate bars to jam and crackers, you probably already have all the ingredients you need to throw together a delectable dessert spread. Simply round up some salt n' sweets, grab a wooden platter, and serve together! Slice up those pears you have in the fruit bowl, add in that leftover brie you have in the fridge, and plate those butter cookies from the pantry. Ta-da! Dessert is deliciously served and you didn't even have to go out and spend time or money putting it together. Pint Sized Baker reminds us "There's no real rhyme or reason to the platter, just add what you like and make it easy to take a small bite to eat." Anything goes!

6. Stress-Free & Effortlessly Pretty Presentation

Fork and Beans

Let's face it: Our lives are stressful enough without having to worry about what to bake and how to best present our dessert at our next dinner party. Sometimes being the hostess with the mostess can be draining. But we're here to alleviate that strain! You don't need to feel the pressure to create a homemade, perfect cake. Baking not your thing? Enter the dessert charcuterie platter. Mix up store-bought treats with homemade delicacies and no one will judge because it will be effortlessly pretty and delicious. Get inspiration from Fork and Beans on how to make an epic, yet stress-free, dessert platter.

7. Offers Dietary Options from Vegan to Gluten-Free

Fork and Beans

We're living in a world where dietary restrictions and health awareness are mounting. And while that's a good thing, it can sometimes make entertaining more challenging. Just another reason we're going gaga for dessert charcuterie: You can please everyone with dessert by offering gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free options. What's best? You can still serve the gluten-filled, non-vegan, nutty desserts, too! The nature of the platter allows for many options and is sure to please all. Check out this gluten-free dessert platter by Fork and Beans with pistachios, pomegranate seeds, gluten-free graham crackers, and cheese. YUM!

8. Adds an Element of Surprise... Chocolate Salami for All!

Fork and Beans

Surprise and delight your guests with this new style of dessert presentation. We're loving this playful spin on meat charcuterie plates: Fork and Beans blogger made a charcuterie block that features several fun ways to serve sweets and fruits. Try our recipe for a delicious chocolate salami using amaretti cookies and other low-fat ingredients. YUM.

9. It's SO Easy... No Baking Necessary!

Check out this video from Pure Wow on how to put together your next dessert charcuterie board. Easy, breezy, beautiful dessert is served, and there's no baking necessary at all!

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  1. I plan to make several dessert boards for the holidays and these are great idea starters. Thank you!

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