Oversized Pendant Lights Are Stealing the Spotlight in Spaces Everywhere

We’ve been seeing a renewed focus on statement lighting for a while, but oversized pendant lights, specifically, are sprouting all over right now.

While good lighting is essential in any room, it can do much more than simply illuminate a space. Lighting can help create boundaries and define distinct living areas. It can also set the mood for your home, and the fixtures themselves can become statement-making architectural elements.

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General awareness of how lighting can set the tone in a space has increased, and so has the availability of a broader range of choices that allow homeowners to create unique looks. Just take the rise of picture lighting and accessible sculptural lighting, like the items featured in IKEA’s VARMBLIXT collection with Sabine Marcelis, as proof that people are paying closer attention to the lighting in their homes.

As a result, lighting trends are big, bold, and statement-making. And one of the hottest ways to accomplish this look now is with oversized pendant lights. Pendant lights have come a long way, from small fixtures that were mainly used as task lighting to decorative design elements with functional flair. These lights come in a variety of finishes, styles, and budgets, so there’s something for anyone who wants to upgrade their fixtures.

We spoke to a design expert for her take on ways to try this standout, shining style.

Candace Matlock is the lead designer at ITALKRAFT, a custom Italian kitchen, bathroom, and closet firm.

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Why We’re Seeing More Oversized Pendant Lights Now

A pendant light is a fixture hung from the ceiling, though, unlike a chandelier, it only has one lightbulb. Depending on the location, it’s common to use pendant lights in groups to illuminate an entire counter or table. Traditionally, they’ve been most common in kitchens, but with the recent profusion of styles, these lights are making their way to every room of the home.

“We are seeing statement lighting trend now, as there are so many different styles of statement lighting to choose from, and it elevates a space in a variety of ways,” says Candace Matlock of ITALKRAFT. This means that, no matter your desired aesthetic, there are now excellent options for light fixtures that are conversation pieces even when they’re not lit up.

In fact, with the rise in the popularity of pendants, we’re even seeing pendant light options that work with track lighting, which opens up even more possibilities for their use. This fresh development is also very timely because, according to Matlock, “Track lighting is coming back in a new way, and it is both functional and stylish.”

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Creative Ways to Try Oversized Pendants in Your Space

Of course, oversized pendants still work well in places like kitchen islands and casual dining areas, just like their more traditionally sized counterparts, so they are a great option when looking to refresh these spaces. But there are enough other options that you can really think outside of the box and consider some other less predictable locations for these versatile lights.

Pendant lights are a great way to create small vignettes. Suspend one above your favorite reading chair instead of using a floor lamp, and you’ve instantly added an unexpected and very practical piece that gives the space more permanence than a floor lamp would. The same goes for using a pair of pendants as reading lamps above a bed—in that case, just keep in mind you may want one with a shade that casts the light down, so as not to illuminate the whole room and potentially keep your partner awake.

You can try pendants instead of sconces to give an intriguing take on bathroom lighting and make a modern statement. Another contemporary option is to use a series of oversized pendants lining a hallway to create a dramatic path and add gravitas to a transitional space.



And just because you prefer an understated look doesn’t mean that you can’t take part in this style.

“Some of the biggest trends I’m seeing in lighting design are clean, simple, and refined lighting fixtures,” Matlock says. “From pendants to floor lamps, we are beginning to see very thin and minimal designs that can create a mood without being the focal point of the room and give a luxurious look to the room in a subtle way.”

So, give statement lighting a try if you’re looking for a simple switch-up with a big payoff. The more ideas you explore, the more interesting applications you’ll find for oversized pendant lights.

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