Internet-Favorite Towel Brand Onsen Just Dropped Plush, Hotel-Worthy Towels

Fan-favorite brand Onsen is known for its waffle weave towels—but now it’s going in a fluffier direction with the Onsen Wovey towel line.

New Onsen Wovey plush towels on red photo treatment

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There’s a time and a place for every type of towel, and thanks to the huge variety of towels available to us, there is truly a towel for everyone, too. Whether you like the biggest, plushest bath sheet out there or you’re more of a sweet-and-simple towel person, with a little digging, you can find your perfect towel.

Those with more of a streamlined stance on towels likely know of Onsen, the fan-favorite towel company known for its textured waffle (sometimes called lattice) weave towels. These thin-but-absorbent towels are flatter than many popular towels today, but their high-quality make with Supima cotton and ability to dry quickly have earned Onsen shout-outs from Wirecutter, Forbes, and CNN, among many others.

Now, Onsen is wading into new territory with the launch of its plush Wovey line.

Made with Turkish-grown Aegean cotton, the new Wovey towels are hotel-style: ultra-fluffy, plus, and premium. The elegant colorways—a series of three neutrals, in contrast to the nine sometimes-bold color options the signature Onsen Waffle towels are available in—just enhance the high-end, spa-like feel of the new line.

Onsen made a name for itself for its distinctive Waffle towels. Now, with this much plusher line, it’s heading a new direction—but with the company’s commitment to function and smart design, the Wovey towel is sure to be as much of a hit as its flatter Waffle counterpart. The Wovey line will appeal to those who prefer a more cozy, plush toweling-off experience and a heftier feel, offering a very different tactile experience than the Waffle towels but with the same level of quality and functionality.

New Onsen Wovey plush towels


Which towels feel truly spa-like may be in the eye of the beholder—towel preferences can be very strongly held, and equally personal—but it’s undeniable that both of Onsen’s current offerings offer a luxurious experience, regardless of whether you like a thinner or a thicker towel. (The company’s name, Onsen, even comes from the term for Japanese hot springs and the bathing facilities and inns that often surround them.) Depending on how much linen closet space you have, you might even want a set of each type of towel to mix up your post-shower experience as needed. During hot, sticky summers, particularly, a lighter-weight towel like Onsen’s waffle towel certainly sounds appealing, even if you prefer a more plush towel the rest of the year.

The new Onsen Wovey towels are available in four sizes—bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel, and face towel—and three colors—fog, oatmeal, and white. Individual bath sheets cost $60 each, and towels cost $40. Hand and face towels are $20 and $12, respectively, and various bundles and sets are also available, with a complete set of all four towel sizes costing $110.

The new Wovey towels are available for purchase from Onsen and parent company Pattern Brands starting January 12.

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