5 Uses for a Tiered Plant Stand Beyond Holding Your Favorite Houseplants

A sturdy build and contemporary wood design mean this plant stand can be so much more than simply a houseplant holder.

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Three-tiered teak plant stand with One Thing Many Ways photo treatments


In our weekly series “One Thing Many Ways,” we’re sharing different styling options and practical uses for great finds from our very own Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart collection. This week: a multi-level plant stand that can hold so much more than houseplants.

Filling your home with houseplants brings a touch of the great outdoors in. This Better Homes & Gardens 3-Tier Plant Stand by Dave & Jenny Marrs ($54, Walmart) is an elegant way to elevate the look of your favorite potted plants. It’s made of water-resistant teak wood and can hold up to 25 pounds, which makes it sturdy enough to hold several medium ceramic pots filled with soil and mature plants. The highest platform reaches 21.5 inches high, too, which allows this plant stand to become so much more than that.

The triangular leg supports are wrapped in wicker, giving this three-tiered plant stand a contemporary look. It would look great in a modern living room, but it would also make a charming addition to your deck or patio. 

Three-tiered teak plant stand with One Thing Many Ways photo treatments


Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens 3-Tier Plant Stand by Dave & Jenny Marrs ($54, Walmart)

In addition to displaying houseplants, we found five more ways to put this three-tier plant stand to use throughout your home. 

One Thing, Many Ways: 3-Tier Plant Stand

1. Make It a Bedside Table

Treat yourself to three small bedside tables in one. Set a stylish lamp on the top platform, and then put your alarm clock or a charging station for your mobile device on the middle level. Place books, reading glasses, or other essentials on the lowest level. This lightweight stand doesn’t look as bulky as a traditional bedside table yet still offers a stylish perch for all your bedside accouterment.

2. Use It as an Outdoor End Table

Instead of placing pots of flowering annuals on this plant stand in the backyard, use it as a resting place for your morning cup of coffee. It makes a stylish end table next to your patio furniture. Especially if patio space is at a premium, this plant stand offers a convenient spot to set down a plate or a drink, but it doesn’t take up much floor space. Made with teak, it is naturally water-resistant, but you may want to cover it or bring it inside during inclement weather to help it last as long as possible. 

3. Serve Food on It

Create a wow factor at your next celebration with a tower of cupcakes displayed on this stand. You could also use it as a multi-level charcuterie board: meats on one level, cheese on another, and topped with fruits and assorted nuts. It might be too tall for some tables or countertops, but if you have a large kitchen island where friends and family love to gather, you could definitely use this as an attention-grabbing way to serve appetizers or desserts.

4. Display Decor With It

Skip the plants and use this tiered shelf as a way to showcase your favorite collectibles. Display hand-thrown pottery from your travels or a beloved piece of sculptural glass. Or make it part of your seasonal decor and punch up the color scheme in your home every couple of months by swapping out the home decor items that take center stage on this stand.

5. Use It as Garden Art

Make this plant stand your own by painting it or staining it to create your own unique piece. Add some color to your garden before your flowers even start blooming. Paint it with bright shades, seal it with a coat of spray polyurethane, and set it in your garden or a flower bed as a piece of garden art. You could also use it as a colorful way to hold potted annuals in the midst of a bed of perennials. For a sleek, modern look, you could paint it black or stain it a dark shade—the options are as endless as your creativity.

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