5 Ways to Use a Stoneware Pitcher for So Much More Than Serving Drinks

Sturdy, gorgeous, and affordable, this vessel might be your new favorite practical piece of decor.

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Walmart | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

In our weekly series “One Thing Many Ways,” we’re sharing different styling options and practical uses for great finds from our very own Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart collection. This week: a sturdy, beautiful pitcher that can hold so much more than your favorite drinks.

Imagine pouring a round of sweet tea for your friends from this Better Homes & Gardens Exposed White Clay Stoneware Drink Pitcher ($15, Walmart) as you sit and enjoy a spring day together on the patio—it sounds like an idyllic scene. This artisanal-style stoneware pitcher with a white and natural finish delivers the charm of a garden party to any day. Simply refilling water glasses with this pitcher at an average Tuesday evening meal makes it feel like more of an occasion.

With a height of nine inches, the pitcher also has a sculptural quality. It looks great on open shelves in the kitchen or behind the glass-front doors of a vintage hutch. While it’s new, it has a timeless look that feels like it could have been passed down as an heirloom or a treasure found at a local flea market. And the kitchen isn’t the only place where this delightful pitcher would be at home: Here are five other creative ways to use this classic stoneware pitcher.

One Thing Many Ways photo treatment overlays

Walmart | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens Exposed White Clay Stoneware Drink Pitcher ($15, Walmart

One Thing, Many Ways: Exposed White Clay Stoneware Drink Pitcher

1. Make It as Centerpiece

Turn this pitcher into a charming centerpiece when you add a bouquet of fresh flowers. Whether you select a formal arrangement—we’re thinking big poufs of blue hydrangea—or a bouquet of wildflowers, the pitcher works well in both casual and sophisticated settings. Pair the white and natural finish of the pitcher with white chrysanthemums and lush greenery for a serene look. To create a dynamic centerpiece, contrast the neutral color of the pitcher with bright flowers.

2. Swap It in as a Watering Can

When house plants are an important part of your home decor, it’s essential to keep a watering can handy. However, that doesn’t mean the can has to be utilitarian. Use this stoneware pitcher to water plants, and then leave it out on display on a nearby shelf or intermixed with a stylish assortment of pots and containers. We love anything that is stylish and functional!

3. Style It on a Shelf

This pitcher would be right at home on a bookshelf or a fireplace mantel, especially in a cottage-style or modern farmhouse–style home. Group it with a stack of books, framed photos, or personal mementos on a shelf. On the mantel, it would work well with salvaged architectural pieces, such as arched window frames, distressed corbels, or reclaimed candleholders. 

4. Use It to Boost Curb Appeal

Dress up your front porch with colorful annuals planted in this stoneware pitcher. Just imagine the beauty of blooms spilling over the side of this pitcher all summer long. It looks charming sitting on an old wooden crate by the door or as the centerpiece of a porch table and chair set. Consider getting a pair of them and using them as planters on the steps leading up to your front door.

5. Put It in a Guest Room

Your friends will think you’re the most thoughtful host when they discover you set out a tray in the guest room that has this artisanal pitcher filled with water, a drinking glass, and a bowl with a few of their favorite candies. This welcoming gesture is also practical, allowing guests to help themselves to a quick drink in the middle of the night so they won’t have to try to make their way to the kitchen if they need a sip.

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