4 Ways to Repurpose a Shimmering Glass Drink Dispenser

In addition to elevating the look of a backyard party, this drink dispenser can be put to work as home decor and more.

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Irridescent drink dispenser from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart collection

Walmart | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

In our weekly series “One Thing Many Ways,” we’re sharing different styling options and practical uses for great finds from our very own Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart collection. This week: a shimmering beverage dispenser that can be used in any room.

Guests at your next outdoor dinner party will be absolutely charmed when they refill their cups with this Better Homes & Gardens 2-Gallon Clear Iridescent Glass Dispenser ($20, Walmart). Add ice and a few slices of cucumber to brighten their water glasses, or use the dispenser to serve punch. If there are only adults at the party, consider mixing up a pitcher of cocktails and serving it from this two-gallon dispenser, which stands just taller than 12 inches high. Then guests can help themselves, and you don’t have to spend the entire evening refilling drinks. 

While this inexpensive drink dispenser, made with glass, stainless steel, and an acacia wood lid, elevates the look of any party, you don’t have to be hosting a big shindig to put it to use. Here are four other ways to put this drink dispenser to work.

Irridescent drink dispenser from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart collection

Walmart | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens 2-Gallon Clear Iridescent Glass Dispenser ($20, Walmart).

One Thing Many Ways: Iridescent Glass Dispenser

1. Help With Hydration

If you and your family members need help hitting your hydration goals, fill this dispenser daily and set it on the counter. Seeing it will remind you and others to drink more water. If you prefer to drink flavored water, consider adding lemon or lime slices, cucumber slices, watermelon cubes, or berries to the water. Keep a small stack of cups nearby to encourage everyone to take a drink.

2. Dress Up a Workout Area

Working out at home is a great way to stay active. Set up your own hydration station in your home gym with this dispenser. Fill it with water or your favorite sports drink, and then you won’t have to run back to the kitchen to fill a water bottle mid-workout.

3. Use It as Home Decor

The iridescent glass has an attractive reflective quality that would look great on a shelf or mantle. Fill it with sea glass or colored pebbles to add color if you desire. Place the glass container with the spigot facing away from the room so that it simply looks like a large glass container. 

4. Make It a Planter

Fill the glass jar with layers of small rocks, dirt, sand, and potting soil. You can create layers as thick or thin as you’d like—just think of it like one of those sand art projects you made as a kid. Fill it about ⅔ of the way full with layers in a pattern that is pleasing to you, and then top it off with potting soil and an easy-to-maintain house plant. Set it on a shelf or plant stand (with the lid off, of course) to display it.

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