4 Clever Uses for a Vanity Organizer Set

See how this versatile bathroom storage set can be put to better use while entertaining or crafting.

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In our weekly series “One Thing Many Ways,” we’re sharing different styling options and practical uses for great finds from our very own Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart collection. This week: a chic (but affordable) storage set.

In every bathroom, no matter how big or how small, there never seems to be enough counter space. While the real problem is more likely that we have too many grooming products we like to keep out on the counter, a good vanity organizer can still help keep things within reach while also limiting how much can be left out. Just take the Better Homes & Gardens Faux Marble 4-Piece Vanity Organizer Set ($23, Walmart), which offers a lot of cosmetic and jewelry storage within a small footprint.

Faux marble vanity organizer

Walmart | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

This organizer set has two cups that fit snugly into a 7.13-inch-by-5.83-inch tray. The larger container (5.19 by 4 inches) is ideally sized for housing cotton balls or cotton swabs, and it has a lid that doubles as a shallow tray for jewelry, fragrances, or cosmetics. The smaller container (5.19 by 2.38 inches) is a quarter of an inch taller than the other vessel and makes a stylish home for cosmetic brushes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, or shaving supplies.

The bathroom isn’t the only place where you could use the elegant look of marble to dress up a surface. Here are four more ways to use this faux-marble 4-piece set.

Faux marble vanity organizer

Walmart | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens Faux Marble 4-Piece Vanity Organizer Set ($23, Walmart)

One Thing Many Ways: Faux Marble 4-Piece Vanity Organizer Set

1. Store Crafting Supplies

Trade the makeup brushes for watercolor brushes when you put this vanity organizer to work as storage for crafting supplies. The tray and small shallow dish are great for keeping small items, such as beads and gems, in place while you’re working on a project. You can simply slide the supplies off the tray and back into their permanent storage containers when you’re done. The wider cup is the ideal size to hold a variety of crafting supplies, such as hot glue sticks, wooden stirring sticks, or colored pencils. The magnetic side of the cup also comes in handy when crafting: Use this feature to hold safety pins or needles. 

2. Take It Outside

Elevate the look of your next backyard barbeque when you use this faux marble organizer to hold utensils and condiments. Roll colorful paper napkins and place them in the larger cup, and then fill the thinner cup with forks, spoons, and knives. Use the tray to carry bottles of ketchup, mustard, or other condiments to your outdoor table. Set a few slices of tomatoes or onions on the small shallow dish to give your burger night presentation a sophisticated spin. (Just put a pretty linen napkin between the foods and the dish first.) Add a magnetic bottle opener to the side of the larger cup, and you’ll have everything you need for entertaining outdoors, with a stately spin.

3. Create a Succulent Garden

Fill the larger cups and the long, low tray with the best soil for succulents and plant a mix of succulents, opting for a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. Play with the arrangements until the combination makes you happy. Group the containers together on your table as a casual centerpiece or place them on shelves throughout your home. Consider using the shallow dish to house an air plant or two.

 4. Corral Small Items in a Drop Zone

Whether you have a big mudroom or a small table by the back door, it’s always a good idea to have a drop zone. Use the tray to catch keys, sunglasses, or mail. One of the cups could hold pens for signing those last-minute permission slips while the other is used to house chargers and extra cords. The shallow tray is a convenient place to set down your watch, wallet, or spare change.

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