4 Crafty Ways to Use a Cotton Shower Curtain Outside the Bathroom

Discover how to give a shower curtain new purpose as a table cover, a throw pillow, and more.

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In our weekly series “One Thing Many Ways,” we’re sharing different styling options and practical uses for great finds from our very own Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart collection. This week: a shower curtain that isn’t limited to the bathroom.

A playful pattern on a shower curtain is an easy way to infuse a small bathroom with color and style. Consider using a cotton shower curtain, such as this Better Homes & Gardens Stripes Cotton Shower Curtain ($24, Walmart), paired with a clear plastic liner to soften the look of your bath.

Stripe shower curtain

Walmart | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Because it’s made of cotton, you’ll need to clean this shower curtain. You can keep it looking and smelling fresh by laundering it in your washing machine on a cold cycle, then can hang dry or machine dry it on a low setting.

There are buttonholes along the top and the side of the curtain so you can decide if you want the shower curtain’s featured stitched stripes to run vertically or horizontally. If your bathroom has low ceilings, you may want the stripes to run vertically to give the room the illusion of being taller than it is. Conversely, horizontal stripes will make the room feel a bit wider.

The bathroom isn’t the only place where the subtle pattern and texture of this shower curtain would make a stylish addition to your home. Here are four more ideas for using this shower curtain.

Stripe shower curtain

Walmart | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens Stripes Cotton Shower Curtain ($24, Walmart)

One Thing Many Ways: Stripes Shower Curtain

1. Make It a Window Curtain

Draperies can be expensive, but you could quickly make your own inexpensive curtains by hanging this shower curtain from a curtain rod. Slip drapery rings through the buttonholes and then slide the rings on the curtain rod, or use curtain ring clips to attach the shower curtain. This is a great solution for a casual living room or bedroom.

If you want to stretch your DIY skills, you could trim the fabric and sew a new hem to create a valance or café-style curtains. It would take a few more supplies to make a Roman shade out of this fabric, but if you have mini blinds that fit the window, you could make your own custom Roman shade in an afternoon. 

2. Use It as a Tablecloth

Next time you host a kid’s birthday party, skip the plastic tablecloth that will end up in the garbage for this cotton fabric that looks like it was splashed with confetti. It adds just a touch of color to the table, but it doesn’t steal the show. (We all know the cake is the star at any kid’s birthday party.)

This shower curtain would also look great as a tablecloth on your patio table at an outdoor party. And if there are spills (because of course there will always be spills), you can throw this in the washing machine and still use it at your next soiree.

3. Create an Outdoor Privacy Screen

Perk up your pergola with shower curtains that double as a privacy screen. For a billowy resort-like feel, you can hang the curtains from a rod or a clothesline wire. Pull the curtains together for privacy or secure them to a post with a curtain tieback when you want to keep the pergola open.

If you want to create a more permanent screen on one side that faces a neighbor’s house or a busy road, sew a pocket into the top and bottom of the curtain. Run one dowel that fits between the pergola posts through the top pocket and place another dowel through the bottom curtain pocket. Attach the dowels to the posts of the pergola. You might need two or three shower curtains to fill the space depending on the width of your pergola.

4. Sew Pillow Covers

Break out your sewing machine and sew your own throw pillow covers. You’ll feel a sense of pride when you see your custom-made throw pillows resting on your couch or on a front porch swing. Back each pillow cover with fabric in a coordinating solid color or use the cotton shower curtain for both sides of the pillow cover.

You could also use two of these shower curtains to make a jumbo floor pillow for your kids' playroom. Stuff it with shredded foam or bean bag filling to create a giant pillow for them to lounge on.

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