5 Genius Ideas for Repurposing a Bamboo Bath Mat

Naturally water-resistant, this bath mat has so many uses outside the bathroom.

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In our weekly series “One Thing Many Ways,” we’re sharing different styling options and practical uses for great finds from our very own Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart collection. This week: a bamboo mat that can suit every room in the house.

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa, and you can recreate that rejuvenating feeling at home when you add spa features to your own bathroom. The Better Homes & Gardens Bamboo Tile Step-Out Bath Mat ($20, Walmart) is an easy addition that delivers a little dose of serenity. Pair it with a big cozy bathrobe and some bath salts, and you’ve got yourself an at-home spa day.

This luxurious bath mat is 18x30 inches, with a skid-resistant backing to keep it safely in place on the floor. The individual tiles offer some flexibility and give your feet a mini-massage with each step. Made of naturally water-resistant bamboo, this bath mat could also be used in a variety of ways throughout your home—read on for five more ways to use this bamboo mat.

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Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens Bamboo Tile Step-Out Bath Mat ($20, Walmart)

One Thing, Many Ways: Bamboo Tile Step-Out Bath Mat

1. Use It as a Dish Drying Mat

Dress up your countertop by unrolling this bamboo tile mat to use it as a dish-drying mat. The open tile design and water-resistant finish allow water to drip away from dishes as they dry, and it looks more stylish sitting on the counter than leaving dishes sitting on a dish towel or in a bulky plastic drying rack. The mat also rolls up easily and can be stored in a nearby drawer or cabinet when not in use.

2. Place It Under a Centerpiece

A great tablescape is all about layers. Start with a neutral tablecloth or runner and then place this bath mat in the center. Top it with a flower-filled vase or box made of glass, metal, or wood. This bamboo mat looks good at a casual dinner as well as at a big holiday bash.

3. Make It an Outdoor Door Mat

Place this bath mat on the patio to give yourself a little sense of style as you step into your backyard. It would look great alone or layered on top of a colorful indoor-outdoor rug. Or give it a little DIY love and paint it to coordinate with your outdoor furnishings. Be sure to spray it with a coat of polyurethane to protect it from the elements. Please note that bamboo is water-resistant, but not waterproof, so you may not want to use it outdoors if you live in an area with heavy rains.

4. Hang It as Wall Art

Add interest to your walls with a little texture when you hang this mat. Place it vertically on a narrow wall for impact, or play with it as a blank canvas and make a custom piece of art. If you want to customize it, start by gently sanding away the finish. You can prime it to give yourself a white base and then add bold colors, create a soothing ombre design, or create a mosaic image. Another option would be to play with watercolors and let the grain of the bamboo show through as you add soft touches of color.

5. Use It as a Learning Tool

Parents and caregivers could turn this bath mat into a learning opportunity for preschoolers. Lightly sand and prime the tiles of the mat. Depending on what skills you want to work on with your little one, you could paint a section of tiles with numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. Or mix all the colors, letters, and numbers together to make it a big scavenger hunt game and ask your little one, “Can you find the yellow block?”

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