Whether you're enjoying a cozy autumn day or gathering friends and family around a heart-warming fire, stir up a delicious cocktail to fit the mood. Be the go-to bartender with these fun fall bar tools.

You need the correct tools to mix a world-class cocktail. This elegant gold and dark wood kit will set you up for mixology success. Make any cocktail at any time just the way you like it.

Gold Bar Tool Set

Price: $32.99

The Season of Sharing

Spread some seasonal joy with this lovely rose glass pitcher. The elegant wildflower design gives an autumn gathering a romantic feel you can't pass up for your next get-together with family and friends.

Inverted Thistle Rose Pitcher

Price: $54.95

Shaking up a Little Southern Comfort

This Mason jar-shape shaker is the perfect way to add a little bit of the old South with your cocktail. It'll also be the ideal accessory to add to your bar kit throughout the fall season.

W&P Mason Shakerette

Price: $29

Cozy Coasters

Add that perfect piece of sophistication with these brass-and-wood coasters. Handcrafted and beautifully designed with diamond patterns, the style matches any autumn cocktail party.

Draper Coasters

Price: $19.95

A New Meaning to the Homemade Cocktail

Do you love gimlets, martinis, or gin and tonics? This kit gives you the tools you need to make a fresh batch of gin for whatever cocktail you may be dreaming up. It's a fresh way to have some fun mixing things up at your home bar.

The Homemade Gin Kit

Price: $50

Portion Control

Mix in part of this and part of that with a refined jigger. Friends and family will line up to have another amazing concoction because of this handy tool.

Japanese Style Jigger

Price: $20.95

To Add That Little Zing

If you're trying to crush some fruit for your fall cocktail, this muddler is the ideal tool. With a sharp end meant to crush fruit and a smooth end to help in releasing herb flavoring, it's a bar necessity you'll want on hand the next time you stir up a devilishly good drink.

Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen Cocktail Muddler

Price: $5

Like a Cherry on Top

No cocktail is truly complete without a little garnish. Add a festive fall touch to your next drink. Those little touches are what show everyone you care about your bartending duties.

Cocktail Picks

Price: $6.95

Buckets O' Fun

Keep supplies cool as your autumn night plays on with this textured Champagne bucket. The bronze and copper colors make for a sophisticated table decoration. Cold drinks keep guests happy all night.

Mauviel M'brushed Copper Champagne Bucket

Price: $199.95

A Little Autumn Chill

Chillers are the perfect way to enjoy a cold cocktail without watering it down. Savor a delicious drink as long as you like. These enchanting purple orbs will keep it cool.

Fluorite Wine Chillers

Price: $95



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