These downloadable interior images let you give your space an instant digital makeover.

As companies across the U.S. adapt to social distancing measures, many of us are also adjusting to a new workday routine. Pets and kids are now our co-workers, the couch has replaced our cubicles, and meetings take place over video conference calls. But when you're working from home, finding a professional-looking backdrop for your Zoom video meetings can be a challenge. Maybe your house is a total mess, or perhaps you're just not ready to let your colleagues into your personal space. The solution: these stylish (and free) virtual backgrounds from West Elm.

midcentury modern living room
A Zoom background option from West Elm.
| Credit: Peter Krumhardt

The furniture and decor retailer created a collection of 14 downloadable images you can use as a backdrop for your next on-camera Zoom call. This shortcut can instantly transform your home workspace into a beautifully decorated room straight from a catalog. The image options include a minimalistic midcentury living room, pictured above, a rustic cabin, a light-filled loft, and even a cozy living space with a cute pup sitting on the rug.

To set up a virtual backdrop, choose one of West Elm's stylish interior shots (or another favorite photo) and save it to your desktop. In Zoom, navigate to your settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner. On the left sidebar, hit "Virtual Background," then click the plus sign next to "Choose Virtual Background" to upload your image. The photo will fill in the space behind you on video (and disguise anything you'd rather not let your co-workers see). The feature works on Zoom's desktop version and in the mobile app for iPhones 8, 8+, and X, as well as iPad Pro and the 5th and 6th generation of the 9.7-inch iPad.

Now, you don't have to rush to fold that pile of laundry or tidy up before your 9 a.m. video meeting. Just download your favorite background and start working from your (virtual) dream home.


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