July is National Ice Cream Month, and a new study just revealed insight into our frozen dessert preferences. Find out what your Zodiac sign says about the way you eat ice cream.

By Emily VanSchmus
July 08, 2019

National Ice Cream Month is upon us! In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared this month-long holiday and gave us all an excuse to indulge in frozen desserts for 31 days straight. And while it's a safe bet that most people do enjoy a cold treat now and then, we all have different preferences when it comes to ice cream. New research suggests your Zodiac sign has a lot to do with whether you prefer fruity treats (like this homemade rhubarb-strawberry ice cream) or chocolate ones, as well as the kinds of ice cream toppings you prefer.

Italian wafer company Loacker has been making wafers since 1925, and now produces 750 million crunchy treats a year. The company just debuted a new gelato wafer designed to take the place of your favorite ice cream spoon. And in honor of the month-long ice cream celebration, they conducted a survey of several thousand Americans last month to find out more about our ice-cream eating habits. 

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In addition to geographical findings (New Yorkers are most likely to add a crunchy topping to their ice cream, while Illinoisans are most likely to add a sauce), they discovered each Zodiac sign has a distinct ice-cream-eating trait—and we whole-heartedly agreed with ours. These are the findings of Loacker’s National Ice Cream Month Survey. 


Aquariuses are most drawn to the combination of tangy and sweet—like a fruit sorbet paired with a creamy triple chocolate ice cream


Ninety percent of all polled Pisces reported doing at least one feel-good activity a week (like indulging in a big scoop of ice cream). This sign is likely to justify the extra calories as self-care.


When it comes to ice cream, Aries are least likely to enjoy a spicy-sweet combination. While others might crave say, jalapeño ice cream, most Aries will stick to classic sweet flavors like strawberry gelato or frozen caramel custard.


This sign prefers wafers on their frozen treats the most. The crunchy sensation of dipped wafer cones or wafer scoops is a must-have for Tauruses enjoying a frozen creamy treat. For the ultimate crunchy sundae topping, make a batch of chocolate-pecan wafer cookies


More than half of all Geminis polled stated they use shopping as a feel-good activity—which means they spend more time in grocery store aisles than any other sign. This leads to a lot of time browsing new ice cream flavors, like these new almond milk ice cream flavors from Target!


No cones here! Cancers are the sign most likely to eat their ice cream from a cup instead of a cone. The survey also found that of all 50 states, Californians were most likely to opt for cup over cone. 


Leos are most likely to buy their frozen treats from a convenience store, rather than heading to a specialty shop or making their own. Interestingly, 4 in 5 Americans polled in the study said they prefer to buy their ice cream from the supermarket, rather than a specialty store. 


Virgos go out for ice cream the most. Guilty as charged! This also means Virgos are most likely to try new or unexpected flavors, since specialty ice cream shops typically have more variety than grocery store shelves. 


Libras are most likely to indulge in a dairy-based treat. While other signs prefer non-dairy ice cream or fruity treats, more than three fourths of Libras polled said they most enjoyed a big scoop of something made with milk and cream. 


Better make it a double scoop! Scorpios are most likely to enjoy their ice cream with a significant other than any other sign. If you ask us, that sounds like the perfect date night. 


Sagittariuses are known for indulging in good food, which is why it comes as no surprise that 79 percent said they enjoy a good treat (like a big ol’ ice cream sundae) as part of a feel-good activity. Next time you’re party-planning with a Sagittarius, suggest an ice cream sundae bar party!


While Scorpios claim the title of most likely to enjoy ice cream as part of a romantic date, Capricorns are most likely to pick up ice cream with friends. New research shows you should go out with your girlfriends twice a week, so start planning a trip to the ice cream parlor!



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